Chengli CLW towed trailer type P8 P6 P5 full color HD LED advertising screen hydraulic lifting screen for sale

- Brand:CLW
- Type: towed trailer type
- Screen: P8 HD LED screen
- Screen area: 11.52 m2
- Axle: 2, with 4 tire
- Screen lifting: hydraulic lifting
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- What is LED Advertising Truck?
Advertising truck (English name: Advertising Truck) refers to vehicles specially used for advertising, such as buses and bicycles, which can be used for advertising. It is mainly dominated by rolling light box cars and LED advertising cars.


LED Advertising Trucks mainly including truck chassis (traction system), large screen system, power supply system, and operating system are composed of four major parts. They are widely used in publicity, product promotion, brand promotion, on-site display, campaign speeches, sports events, and concerts of enterprises and institutions. , concerts and talent shows. It can also be displayed, communicated and interacted with audiences or consumers in prosperous commercial districts, squares, residential quarters, square parks and other areas. The scope of publicity is wide, so that customers can obtain the greatest advertising effect.

- What is the Main Specifications of FOTON LED Advertising Truck?

【Chassis Parameters】



【Upper Structure Parameters】

Towed trailer type P8 P6 P5 full color HD LED advertising screen hydraulic lifting screen

Introduction of the traction LED advertising vehicle:

Traction type LED advertising vehicle, LED screen is installed on the left side of the box, the screen can be lifted 1.5 meters (height above the ground), the frame structure of the whole vehicle, the specific configuration is as follows:

1) The whole carriage adopts steel frame stamping skeleton; the appearance of the carriage is arc, and the exterior of the car body is sprayed with anti-shedding primer.

2) The left and right sides of the screen are equipped with louvers and exhaust fans for heat dissipation; additional rainproof vents are installed;

3) Four hydraulic outriggers are equipped under the chassis to ensure the stability of the model;

Specifications of towed trailer type P8 P6 P5 full color HD LED advertising screen hydraulic lifting:

[Multi-directional Images of Towed Trailer type LED Advertising Screen]

Traction type Led advertising vehicle specific parameters:

1) Large high-definition P6 outdoor full-color screen: size is: 4800x2400mm (11.5㎡), with hydraulic stabilization system, hydraulic lifting system.

2) More energy efficient.

The tow-type propaganda vehicle is equipped with a full-color screen scrolling playback device that has obtained national patent technology, which can play multiple advertisement screens, and has advanced functions such as automatic, adjustable screen pause time and automatic screen conversion. Easy control with a dedicated controller, looping and screen pause times can be set as desired.

3) High decibel advertising broadcasting system

The sound is better. Special advertising broadcasting system, the sound is louder and louder, and the advertising effect is better. Equipped with a dedicated advertising broadcasting system, composed of a dedicated DVD drive and two external 60W tweeters. Users can add background music or advertising words according to the published advertisement screen, and scroll and play at the same time as the screen, which further enhances the attention of the advertisement and improves the effect of advertisement delivery.

4) All-weather, all-round locking of target customer groups

Or placed in a bustling city or a lively market town, whether it is a sunny day or a starry night, the publicity car can effectively attract the attention of target customers and efficiently convey the advertising information of advertisers.

5) Low purchase cost and high arrival efficiency

Compared with traditional media, traction advertising vehicles reduce the complicated production process and cost. And the content can be updated according to the needs of customers. The mobility of advertising vehicles and the timeliness of information make up for the deficiencies of traditional media, making it easier to approach and capture target consumer groups.

Towed Trailer type P8 P6 P5 full color HD LED Advertising Screen Hydraulic Lifting Screen


The composition of the traction LED advertising vehicle

a) Main components

(1) Vehicle chassis

(2) Four hydraulic support feet

(4) Including the original electric control screen power output switch.

(5) Rainproof, snowproof, dustproof, soundproof box

(6) PTO cable turntable

(7) Battery pack for starting

(8) A set of maintenance tools for routine maintenance of the unit

(9) LEDP10 outdoor full color screen

(10) LED touch screen integrated industrial computer

(11) High-power audio amplifier

Towed Trailer type P8 P6 P5 full color HD LED Advertising Screen Hydraulic Lifting Screen


Optional components


(1) The vehicle-mounted infrared camera monitoring system is convenient to protect the scene at night.

(2) The car body is sprayed with individual patterns and fonts.

(3) Vehicle-mounted communication system, image and text transmission system, and live TV broadcasting system.

(4) Imported special connector for fast cable, no tools, safe and convenient.

Towed Trailer type P8 P6 P5 full color HD LED Advertising Screen Hydraulic Lifting Screen

Towed Trailer type P8 P6 P5 full color HD LED Advertising Screen Hydraulic Lifting Screen

Vehicle line modification

1) The structural material of the car body is anti-corrosion cold-rolled steel plate, the surface of the car body is smooth and flat, and the surrounding aluminum alloy profiles are trimmed and wrapped to ensure that the body base has sufficient strength.

2) The surface is sprayed with milky white imported paint. After the whole car is painted and waxed, the surface is bright and the paint layer is firm. According to user requirements, relevant text and patterns can be pasted on both sides of the car body as the sign of the LED advertising car. Make the body more beautiful. (Users can customize colors and ads)

3) Chassis structure: The car body is based on the solid frame structure of the car chassis, and is treated with shock and heat insulation.

4) Hydraulic outriggers: used to support the vehicle-mounted outriggers when the vehicle-mounted LED advertising vehicle is not in use for a long time to avoid damage to the car tires. The maximum stroke of the hydraulic outriggers is based on the limit line.

5) According to the gross weight of the screen body, a high-performance walking vehicle with a load capacity that meets the requirements is selected to ensure the safety of the vehicle operation. The exhaust chamber is separated from the unit room, and the intake and exhaust use a sound-absorbing baffle structure to ensure The intake and exhaust are well carried out, and the noise is further reduced.

6) The external power cord is installed at the rear of the apron of the compartment, and the 220v external power cord can be used directly.

7) The control box and air switch box are installed on the front panel of the carriage through the support plate, which can be operated and greatly facilitated by users.

Chengli LED Advertising Truck Series:

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In order to make you always satisfied from purchasing, owning and using products, Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd has a nationwide sales and service network to provide you with a full range of services.

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Jiangnan Company provides free expert training for all customers who purchase our products, and the training does not charge any fees.

◆Warranty Commitment

Customers can enjoy up to one year or 25,000 kilometers, and free replacement of parts (excluding wearing parts) damaged due to quality problems during the warranty period. The chassis part is guaranteed by the original factory at the national secondary service station nationwide, and the modified part is provided by our company with the service tenet of the customer being always right, and the service tenet of "customer care and caring for each car". Respond within 12 hours after receiving the letter for help from customers, and do not exceed 24 hours for door-to-door service in inland provinces and cities, and 48 hours for individual areas. Long-term supply of original accessories and accessories to provide accessories at preferential market prices. Overseas customers guarantee to reply within 24 hours and give guidance plan.

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The service tenet is that the customer is always right, the service tenet is to care about the customer and every car, and make a public commitment to the society. , Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan), no more than 24 hours in inland provinces and cities, and no more than 48 hours in individual areas.

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Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd. implements the three-level return visit service of dealers, service stations and return visit consultants, caring about customers, helping customers understand and familiarizing themselves with cars, helping customers to actively digest potential hidden dangers in advance, and improving the effective service life of products. To ensure the interests of customers.

Order Process

     ①: Car purchase negotiation: Contact the vehicle model information parameters by telephone or on-site inspection to discuss the vehicle model, Beiqi Foton remote water supply forest fire truck price and related requirements.

     ②: Signing the contract: Both parties sign the vehicle purchase and sale contract and pay the contract deposit in advance (fax signing of the contract or on-site signing of the contract is acceptable).

     ③: Arrange production: Our company arranges workshop production according to the contract requirements.

     ④: Delivery of the vehicle: The vehicle is delivered and accepted, the balance of the vehicle is paid, and the relevant procedures are completed. For more detailed car booking process, please inquire!

Answers to the Questions that Customers Care About before Purchasing?

(1) Free maintenance plan and period?

1. Tracking service time: lifetime; 2. From the date of delivery to the customer, within the normal range of use, within 20,000 kilometers or within one year of free repair (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts), more than one year, only charge Parts fee; 3. Service arrival time: within the province, arrive within 24 hours; other areas, dispatch personnel within 24 hours; 4. During the annual flood control period, engineers and technicians are scheduled to visit regularly or irregularly to ensure timely failures Excluded, no fault active prevention.

(2) What is the price method of free post-parts supply?

1. Method: unified supply at the local Dongfeng/Jinan Heavy Duty Truck/Isuzu and other chassis technical service stations, according to user requirements or directly delivered by Chengli Special Automobile Factory; 2. Parts are only charged for the cost of production, and no other fees are added.

(3) After-sales service method?

The maintenance of the chassis part can be solved at the service station near the user's place of use. The maintenance of the special device can be done by telephone or fax. The supplier will send professional maintenance personnel to the place of use 24-28 hours after receiving the call from the user.

(4) Technical training program?

The supplier is responsible for free training of equipment users at the user's location before delivering the vehicle to the user, mainly on how to operate the hydraulic system and special devices for the driver to be familiar with the basic principles of this type of vehicle and the ability to deal with general failures.

(5) How to transport and load the vehicle?

According to the dimensions and weight of the vehicle or cargo, you can choose bulk carriers, ro-ro ships, container ships 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ, 40FR, etc.

(6) What is the time to pick up the car at the factory?

Self-pick-up time: Monday to Sunday, 08:00-19:00 (some self-pick-up points work hours from 9:00-18:00, in case of national holidays, the press release time shall prevail. focus on)

(7) Can't we go to China abroad? Want to see the car to see the factory how to do?

We can let users see the general situation of offices, factories, production scenes, and factories through video calls and shooting videos, and help foreign customers understand us. For users who order vehicles, they can watch the vehicle appearance, function demonstration videos, and other details through video inspection, so that users can grasp their order production progress and situation in real time. We will create high-quality and personalized special vehicles for each user according to the actual needs of users. You are welcome to visit the production strength and product technology on the spot, and we will provide you with the best service!

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