15000L Fuel Tank Full-Trailer with Drawbar

CLW9200GYY 15,000 Liter Drawbar Fuel Tank Full-Trailer
Compartments: 1 division compartment
Axle: 2 axles, 10 Tons
Tire: 8 pcs 12R22.5 tubeless tire
Tow bar: Agriculture tow bar

【Chassis Parameters】

Fuel tank full-trailer: special design I beam, connected by bolts and nuts with tanker body, removable from tanker body for separate transportation, 2 axle fuel full trailer, FUWA 13 Tons axle, 8 pcs 12R22.5 tubeless tires, agriculture tow bar, rear bumper, tool box, valve box, etc. 



Chengli made carbon steel fuel tank fuell-trailer: 15,000 liter tank body, 5mm carbon steel plate made tank body, 6mm carbon steel made tank end plate; with Euro standard manhole covers, aluminum discharge valves, subsea emergency safety valves; other accessories of chengli fuel tanker trailer including top protective handral, rear ladder, fuel hose, hose box, rear bumper, mudguard, side fences, etc.


【Vehicle Basic Parameters】

Main Dimensions  

Overall Size 


CLW9200GYY 15,000 liter Fuel Tank Full-Trailer 

Tare Weight

8500 KGS

Tank Body


Ellipse tank

Total Volume

15,000 liters

Tanker Body Material

5 mm Q235 high tensile strength steel plate

End plate

6 mm Q235 high tensile strength steel plate

Manhole cover

Aluminum alloy manhole cover, DN460mm , with breather valves

Bottom Valve

Aluminum Pneumatic Bottom Safety Valve

Discharging valve

DN50mm discharging valves

Discharging Pipe

4m loading hose, 2 pcs


Main Beams

Special design I beam, connected by bolts and nuts with tanker body, removable from tanker body for separate transportation;


2x 13 Ton FUWA axle


Agriculture towbar


Air suspension

Pneumatic Braking System

WABCO RE 4 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber; 4L air tanks.

Wheel rim

9.0-22.5 wheel rim8 pieces


12R22.5 tubeless tire, 8 pieces


Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anti-corrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint


One standard tool box


【Structures of Chengli Fuel Tank】

Chengli produced carbon steel fuel tank trailer has over 17 years experiences on the advanced manufacture process. The main components of Chengli CLW fuel tanker trailer including carbon steel Q235 made tank body, steel under auxiliary beam, aluminum API discharge valves, subsea emergeny safety valves, aluminum Euro standard manhole covers, oil vapor recovery system, anti-overflow rod, pneumatic control switch, anti-skid walk way on top of tank, protective handrails, aluminum made ladder,handrail, protective fence, rear bumper, mudguard, etc.  Now Chengli oil tanker semi trailer is one of the best in the industry on its quality, designs, performances and price.  Contact us for more details now!

【Special Features of Chengli Fuel Tank】

Standard configuration of Chengli CLW Fuel Tank Trailer :

Tank volume of 40 cubic to 52 cubic meters, Medium: Diesel, Gasoline

1. The tank body is made of 5182 aluminum-magnesium alloy;

2. The tank head is 6mm, the cylinder is 6mm, the anti-wave board is 5mm, and the silo board is 6mm;

3. 13-Ton FUWA axle is used for axles, with 26 tons brakes with ABS;

4. The tire adopts: 12.00 tubeless tire with 12 ordinary steel rims;

5. Adopt Multi Leafs Spring steel plate type mechanical suspension;

6. The sub-beam of aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer adopts high-strength steel;

7. Aluminum alloy complete set of European standard (including two European standard tank ports, one subsea valve, one set of oil and gas recovery, and download oil);

8. Accessories: rear bumper, movable guardrail, a tool box, a European standard export box, and the side guardrail are all made of aluminum alloy;

9. 1 600L galvanized water tank, 2 spare tire racks, 28 ton outriggers, 2 8kg fire extinguishers, 3 notice boards.

10. Imported cyan lacquer on natural surface, 3M reflective tape


Optional configuration:

1. Sub-warehouse: without European standard sub-warehouse, with European standard sub-warehouse

2. Axle: BPW bridge or Huajin bridge can be selected

3. Air suspension: optional aluminum alloy sub-beam

      a, Fuhua Air Suspension

      b, BPW air suspension

      c, Huajin Air Suspension

4. Tires: optional double money, Bridgestone, triangle

5. Steel ring: ordinary aluminum alloy steel ring, Zhengxing aluminum alloy steel ring can be selected

6. Outrigger: optional Yost, Fuhua

7. Water tank: aluminum alloy water tank with water tank installed on the top of the tank

8. Discharge port: increase single outlet and double outlet (subsea valve, pipeline, discharge assembly, outlet box)

9, optional pneumatic guardrail


【Manufacture Process of Fuel Tank Body】

A quality Chengli made aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer is after design, cutting, welding, rolling, splicing, X-ray test, painting and then finish.  Every step is the best quality control by our fuel tank manufacturing workers. 


【Manufacture Process of Chengli Fuel Tank】

We can provide different brand tractor head for our company made aluminum alloy fuel tank semi trailer, Dongfeng tractor head, Howo tractor head, SHACMAN tractor head, SAIC IVECO tractor head, FOTON tractor head, ISUZU tractor head, Beiben tractor head, FAW tractor head, etc.  Please directly contact us for its specifications and price!


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