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45000 liter water tanker sprinkler trailer exports to Africa

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Author : CLW Group
Update time : 2023-03-07 22:51:51
ChengLi produced 45000 liter water tanker sprinkler trailer exports to Africa. It is a tri-axle water tank sprinkler semi trailer with a 45000 liter tank body, 13 ton FUWA axle, JOST 28T support outriggers, JOST 90# kingpin, 12 pcs 12R22.5 tires, side warning position lamps, taillights, etc. tank volume is 45000 liter, carbon steel tank body, with 3 compartments, 3 manhole covers, with rear platform, water sprinkler nozzles and fog spray nozzle racks, water cannon, water pump, the water spray range can reach 12-14 meter, water cannon spray range can reach 20-25 meter.
The 45000 liter 3 axle water tank sprinkling semi trailer is requested by our big client who has demand of a large volume water supply per time. Ordinary water tanker truck maximum with 25000 liter to 30000 liter water and cost is also a problem. The advantage is that per time full tank water, we can park it at mining site and the tractor head can go to work with other semi trailers.  it is mainly used for water delivery, water supply, mining water use and water spray, dust control, etc. 
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