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【Delivery Moment】Chengli delivered 12 units water sprinkler fire trucks to Yongding,Fujian

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Author : Chengli News
Update time : 2022-08-08 22:19:40
July 29, 2022, Chengli company delivered a batch of water tanker fire trucks. This batch of fire trucks are for a fire truck tender project with a high quality requirement, short delivery time and strict acceptance procedures. Even with so many difficulties and strict requirements, we still delivered this batch of total 12 units Dongfeng 3000 liter water tanker fire trucks with high quality in time. Next, let's go to check it below:

National VI Dongfeng Dolicar D6 Double Row Cabin 3-ton Fire Sprinkler Truck Chassis Configuration: National VI Dongfeng Dolicar D6 3 ton water sprinkler fire truck, the actual volume of the tank is 3 cubic meters, the high-quality steel plate is treated with anti-corrosion, and it is equipped with the domestic first-line brand Shanghai Rongshen CB10 /20 fire pump, PS20 fire monitor, the effective spray range is more than 45 meters.

Model introduction of National VI Dongfeng Dolicar D6 Double Row Cabin 3000 liter Fire Sprinkler Truck: Dongfeng Dolicar D6 double cabin chassis, 4 doors, with 3+3 seats to allow more crews fire fighters for rescue. It can absorb water from the water source for direct fire fighting, maximum suctiono depth reach 6 meters; and can be used for water supply and water delivery in water-deficient areas. The vehicle has a compact structure, is convenient and flexible, and has good power performance. Urban communities, wholesale markets, etc.

Scope of application of of National VI Dongfeng Dolicar D6 Double Row Cabin 3000 liter Fire Sprinkler Truck: suitable for government fire rescue teams, full-time enterprise fire teams, forest fire departments, national fire bureau, etc.

The operation method of of National VI Dongfeng Dolicar D6 Double Row Cabin 3000 liter Fire Sprinkler Truck:
(1) Preparation before the operation of the fire truck
a. Check the lubricating oil level in the bearing box and the suction pump, if it is insufficient, it should be supplemented.
b. Close all drain cocks and valves.
(2) Diversion and injection of water by fire trucks
a. When using the water in the pond, remove the suction pipe, connect one end to the suction port of the pump, connect the other end to the water filter and put it into the pond, close the water inlet butterfly valve, open the water diversion valve, and then the water can be sent to the water tank. Fill with water.
b. When using the water in the fire hydrant, connect the fire hydrant with the water injection port outside the water tank with a hose, and inject the water directly into the water tank.
(3) Water from fire trucks
When the fire truck uses the water in the water tank, open the rear water inlet butterfly valve, start the fire pump, and perform the following operations:
a. Low pressure water outlet
After the fire pump works, open the low-pressure water outlet ball valve to realize low-pressure water outlet.
b. Water from the gun
When working at low pressure, close the low-pressure water outlet ball valve and open the gun ball valve to achieve fire-fighting with gun outlet water.