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Dongfeng double cabin 14m knuckle arm aerial work platform truck

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Author : CLW Group
Update time : 2023-04-08 22:23:17
Dongfeng double cabin 14m knuckle arm aerial work platform truck detail introductions about its working parameters,chassis specifications,pictures and other about 12~16m articulated crane manlift truck with 200kg basket for aerial operations such as repair street lights, install billboards, clean high-rise glass, install doors and windows, etc.
Dongfeng double cabin 14m knuckle arm aerial work platform truck | Double Cab 14m folding arm basket bucket manlift truck, adapts chassis of Dongfeng brand, model EQ1060SJ3BDF, 1760 single row cab, engine model yunnei 4100QB, 90 horsepower, 3.5 ton rear axle, 7.00R16 radial tires, air brake, with options of air conditioning, electric windows, central control lock, 5-speed transmission, power assisted steering, engine emission compliances of dongfeng 12 meter articulated aerial work platform truck has Euro2,Euro3,Euro4,Euro5,Euro6 for different countries. 
The upper body of Dongfeng 14m knuckle arm aerial work platform truck | 14m folding arm basket bucket manlift truck is equipped with three folded arms and a fixed lifting hook, with a maximum lifting weight of 1000KG and a maximum lifting height of 6.5 meters. The maximum operating radius is 6.0 meters, the maximum operating height is 14 meters, and the rotation is 360 degrees. Hydraulic support leg span distance: 2430 in the longitudinal direction, 1600mm in the transverse direction, and 2780mm in the posterior direction. The rated load of the hanging basket is 200KG. The size of the hanging basket is 1080x620x1100mm.
External pull rod mechanical leveling, with oil cylinder locking function, dual position operation of turntable and hanging basket, electrically controlled hydraulic operation, all four legs extended horizontally. The hook is retractable, and the balance rods are all solid, with stainless steel guardrails.

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