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What are the advantages of ISUZU 4x4 4wd boom truck mounted crane?

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2023-02-28 23:12:56
Recently, a lot of customers have reported to us that they often have to drive the truck mounted crane to work in the forest area. However, due to the poor road conditions in the mountains, even the empty truck will slip or the vehicle will be difficult to drive on rainy days or muddy roads, and can't work normally. They asked us if we have a 4WD off-road truck with crane. Today we will introduce the popular Isuzu 4x4 4WD boom truck with crane to you.

Cab chassis of ISUZU 4x4 boom truck with crane: it adapts ISUZU NPR/700P base chassis, with a reliable time share 4wd transfer case to share drive power to front axle and rear axle, 4 ton front axle, 7 ton rear axle, 800mm chassis frame, can choose 7.50R16 off road tire, the axle load and frame and tire to provide a strong load capacity guarantee.  ISUZU NPR 4x4 chassis equipped with ISUZU 4HK1 190HP diesel engine, 5.2L displacement, 520Nm torque, guarantee enough power for daily use on bad road or when carry heavy goods. 
Chassis picture of ISUZU NPR 4x4 cab chassis ISUZU 4x4 boom truck with crane

Upper structures of ISUZU 4x4 boom truck with crane: equipped with XCMG brand SQ4SK2Q 4 ton crane, 3 section telescopic arm, with maximum 10 meters lifting height and 8 meter working radius, maximum lifting moment is 10 t.m, 360 degree slewing, hydraulic outriggers. 

The advantages of ISUZU 4x4 boom truck with crane: 
1. Good trafficability: four-wheel drive, vehicles can pass in mud, sand, mountains, rugged roads and other bad road conditions, with good trafficability;
2. Time-sharing 4WD adapts to different road conditions: time-sharing 4WD mode, with high and low speed, uses 2WD+high speed when the road is good, and the vehicle only gets power from the rear axle, with higher speed, increases speed and reduces fuel consumption; When the road condition is very poor, switch to 4WD+low gear, the vehicle speed becomes lower, the engine speed is lower, the output torque becomes larger, and the trafficability becomes stronger;
3. Stable and reliable: Isuzu is a well-known brand in Japan. The quality of the vehicle is excellent, and the reliability is good. At the same time, there is no need to worry about after-sales. It has dealers and parts dealers all over the world, and customers have no worries about using cars.

ISUZU 4x4 boom truck with crane