Dongfeng 10 ton skip loader waste truck

Dongfeng 170HP Euro3 truck
8-speed transmission
9.00-20 nylon tire
Waste bin: 7m3 volume, 3mm side wall, 4mm bottom plate
Swing arm system: heavy duty hydraulic boom

【Chassis Parameters】

Dongfeng brand  chassis, condition new, 3950mm wheelbase, Cummins 170HP Euro3 dieseI engine, 8-speed transmission, 9.00-20 nylon tires, with one spare tire, 3.6 ton front axle, 8 ton rear axle, air brake, power assist steering, etc. 


【Upper Structure Parameters】

Hydraulic Swing Arm lifting system,  made of reinforced alloy steel main boom, which is resistant to tension and deformation; alloy steel lifting lugs are highly wear-resistant, through-type welding, and high strength;

Hydraulic oil pumps, cylinders, and multi-way valves are all domestic well-known brands, alloy steel swing arm system, safe and stable, reliable performance, and durable.

The dual-cylinder outriggers designed at the rear of the vehicle are located on the left and right sides, respectively, and are controlled by hydraulic multi-way valves, which increase the stability of the vehicle during hoisting operation, and it is safe and reliable.

Waset bin: 7cbm volume bin, boat shape, 3mm side, 4mm bottom plate, waste bin is full welded, no leakge of water or liquid.


Model CLW5140ZYSD3
Chassis brand Dongfeng
New or Used New
Overall dimension 7350x2500x3050mm
Gross weight 14500kg
Curb weight 6200kg
Load 8 tons
Wheelbase 3950mm
Engine power Cummins 170HP Euro3
Fuel type DieseI
Transmission 8-speed
Brake air brake
Axle load 3.6/8tons
Tire 6+1 pcs, 9.00-20
Max speed 90km/h


As vehicles change or emission standards upgraded, the specifications above are for reference. Please contact us for a latest quote!

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