Chengli 10m 12m scissor lift platform truck

- JMC 10m scissor lift platform truck
- Jiangling 77HP diesel engine
- 10m lifting height
- Platform 400kg load
- 2 pcs hydraulic outriggers
- Operation in platform and under truck

【Chassis Parameters

Chassis parameters of JMC 10m scissor lift platform truck: JMC brand new cab chassis, condition new, doube cabin, 3+3 seats, 3360mm wheelbase, Jiangling 77HP Euro2 dieseI engine, Manual 5-speed transmission, 7.0016 tires, with one spare tire, 2 ton front axle, 3.5 ton rear axle, oil brake, power assist steering, with air conditioning, etc. 


【Upper Structure Parameters】

Superstructure parameters of JMC 10m scissor lift platform truck:

 Lifting platform truck is a lifting mechanical equipment used for high-altitude operation and maintenance. The product has the characteristics of stable structure, flexible movement, stable lifting, convenient operation and large carrying capacity. Provides convenience for aerial work units.

The scissor lift platform truck is a kind of vertical lift, which is widely used indoors and outdoors for special equipment for aerial work. It can be widely used for equipment maintenance, indoor and outdoor mechanical installation, equipment maintenance and building maintenance in stations, docks, bridges, halls, workshops.

Features of scissor lift platform: It is mainly used in logistics industry, production line, cargo lifting, loading and unloading between basement and floor, and can also be used for lifting stage, lifting console, etc. The product has stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safety and efficiency, and simple and convenient maintenance.

  • /Scissor type platform, hydraulic lifting
  • /Maximum working height 10 meters.
  • /Platform load 400kg
  • /Control operation: hydraulic
  • /2 pcs hydraulic outriggers.
  • /Engineering rotary lights to warn people.



Vehicle Basic Specifications
Vehicle Model  CLW5040JGKJX2 Maximum Working Height  10 meters
Chassis brand JMC 4x2 New or Used  Condition new
Overall dimension 5995x2100x2860mm Cargo Box Dimension  2300x1880x450mm
Gross weight 4495 kg Rated Weight  -
Curb weight 3850 kg Wheelbase  3360mm
Axle No. 2 Cab Seat No. 3
Axle Load 2000/3500 kg Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Jiangling 77hp Euro2 Steering System LHD, power aissist steering
Transmission Manual 5- speed Clutch Single dry clutch plate
Brake Air brake Tire No. 6 +1 pcs
Front/Rear Suspension - Tire Model 7.00R16
Fuel Tank 100 liter Battery 12V/24V
Max speed 80km/h
Superstructures Parameters
Model CLW SJPT10J Maximum Working Height 10 meters
Type Scissor hydraulic lifting Platform Load 400 kg
 Outrigger 2 pcs hydraulic outriggers    

Chengli CLW brand aerial work truck is simple in structure, sturdy and durable, easy to operate and reliable. The unique hydraulic control system design makes the staff operate more smoothly, and can send the staff to the heights of 8 meters, 10 meters and 12 meters more safely for maintenance, installation, cleaning, photography, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electricity, pruning , replacement of street lights and other works for repairs.




























【Customers Feedback】

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