Chengli 1500 liter water tank trailer

Type: tow trailer
Volume: 1500 liter
Mateiral of tank: carbon steel
Discharge valve: DN50 aluminum ball valve
Wheel: 2 pcs
Tow bar: agriculture tow hook bar

【Chassis Parameters】



【Upper Structure Parameters】

- Chengli produced mini water tank trailer, for water supply and delivery, it can be towed by cars or pickup or suv;

- 1500 liter carbon steel tank, with one DN450mm manhole, with level indicator tube;

- with DN50 aluminum alloy ball vavel gravity discharge port;

- with 2 pcs 3m water hose DN50;


Model CLW-GSS01
Brand Chengli CLW
New or Used New
Volume 1500 liter
Tank size (Length x DN) 2500x930mm
Tank material 3mm carbon steel
Overall dimension 3100x1400x1650mm
Gross weight 2200kg
Curb weight 680kg
Load 1500kg
Tire 2 wheelers
Tow bar agriculture towing bar


【Packing & Shipping】


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