Chengli 16cbm Compactor Waste Container

- ChengLi CL-YH16 Compactor Waste Container
- Volume: 16 cubic meter
- Loading hopper volume: 1.3 cbm
- Compacted force: 32 Tons
- Rated compacted pressure: 21 MPa
- External power: 380V
- Electric motor power: 5.5 KW
- Control: electric - hydrauli

【Chassis Parameters】



【Upper Structure Parameters】

ChengLi CL-YH16 16cbm compactor garbage container, overall dimension 6150x2500x2265mm, weight 5600kg, maximum load 10 tons;

Mobile compression garbage bin are also called automatic compression garbage container and intelligent mobile garbage compression equipment(compactor waste container). At present, small-scale urban domestic garbage stations at home and abroad basically adopt the compression method for garbage disposal. According to the direction of compression force, they are divided into horizontal compression and vertical compression. There are two types of compression. Intelligent mobile garbage compression equipment(garbage compactor container) has great market influence due to its small footprint, no civil construction requirements, large compression force, and compact equipment layout.

♦ The intelligent mobile garbage compression equipment(waste compactor bin) adopts the horizontal compression method. Compared with similar domestic products, it is more advanced in terms of garbage sealing treatment, structural layout, mechanism optimization, automation and convenient operation.

♦ Intelligent mobile garbage compression equipment(garbage compactor box) has low operating costs, advanced and reliable equipment performance, supporting incineration or landfill plants, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.



Compactor Waste Container





New or used


Dimension of Garbage Box



High strength carbon steel plate Q345

Compressor Model


Compactor Force


Compacted Cycle Time


Weight of Empty Container


Compactor Cabin Volume


External Power Voltage


Rated Power


Turnover Cycle Time


Turnover Mechanism Load


Rated Compacted Pressure


Hydraulic Oil Tank


Control Method

Electric - Hydraulic

Cylinder Model

Double acting piston

Loading & Unloading Method

Live garbage(Municipal solid waste, household appliances, bottles, cylinder, and kitchen garbage, etc)


【Working Flow Graph】

1. House garbage collection, plastic waste bins or trash bags;

2. Use waste bins carrier or waste bins transit truck or trash bag trolley to carry waste bins or trash bags; 

3. Compress garbage: collect waste bins or trash bags, put into loading hopper of compactor waste container, then start garbage compactor container to compress garbage to reduce volume;

4. After compactor waste container is full filled, hook lift truck pull up garbage compactor container and transit to garbage spot;

5, Transport compressed waste to garbage landfill;

6. Dump compressed garbage in compactor waste container. 



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