Chengli 3 axle 40 Tons Sidewall Fence Cargo Trailer

CLW9403TZH 3-axle Fence Cargo Trailer
Rated Load: 40 ~ 50 Tons
Cargo Box Dimension: 11800x2350x550 mm
Material: 2mm side wall, 3mm floor plate
Axle: 3 axle, 13 Tons FUWA axle
Tire: 12 pcs, 12R22.5 tubeless tire
Kingping: #90 3.5 inch
Outrigger: 28

【Chassis Parameters】

3 axle low bed semi trailer, 3 pcs FUWA 13 Tons axle, 12 pcs 8.25R20 radial tires, 90# kingpin, 28 Tons support outriggers, with heavy strengthened I shape 520mm main beam, gooseneck structure. 



Gooseneck structure low bed trailer,  gooseneck section length 3800mm, straight section load platform flatbed dimension 8,200x3,000mm, with 5mm steel deck plate, 16mm top wing plate, 12mm middle support plate, 14mm down web plate, 520mm "I" main beams, very heavy strengthened structures for super heavy excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy machines;  which is 25%~35% thicker and heavier materials compared with other cheap low bed trailer from other factories.  This is real heavy load structure and performance low bed trailer with heavy load, strong structure and long service life. Chengli made low bed trailer is real Genuine unit, It's not a bargain to cut corners!Rear with two pcs mechanical spring ladders as a climbing ladder, we also provide hydraulic ladders optional for our clients.


【Vehicle Basic Parameters】

Main Dimensions  

Overall Size 


CLW9403TZH 3-axle Fence Cargo Trailer 

Tare Weight


Cargo Trailer Upper Structure

Load Capacity

50-60 tons


Straight type, no gooseneck

Cargo Box Dimension

(Length x Width x Height) 11800 x 2500 x 550 mm


Four side wall: 2mm wave plates

Floor deck plate: 3mm steel plate

Side Opening Door

Per side with 5 pcs opening doors, manual lever locks

Rope hook & tighter 

Per side with 12-15 pcs depends on length of trailer


Main Beams

320mm strengthened quality "I" main beam


3*13 Ton FUWA axle

Landing Gear

JOST brand Two-speed, manual operating, heavy duty landing gear

King Pin

JOST brand 3.5” bolt-in king pin


Multi-leaf spring suspension

Pneumatic Braking System

WABCO RE 4 relay valve; Spring brake chamber; with air tanks.


12R22.5 tubeless tire, 12 pieces


Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anti-corrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint


7-core electric wire, 5-core for brake




Taillamps, side warning yellow lights, etc.


One standard tool box


【Different Choices of Fence Cargo Trailer】

From Axle: 1 axle, 2 axle, 3 axle, 4 axle, 6 axle low bed trailer;

From Load: 15 tons to 100 tons low bed trailer;

From Functions: straight flatbed low bed trailer, tire-exposed low bed trailer, hydraulic gooseneck detachable low bed trailer, multi-line multi-axle low bed trailer. 

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