Chengli 60m3/h fuel pump for 10-25 ton large fuel tank trucks

- Pump Model: 80YHCB-60
- Medium: diesel,petrol,etc
- Flow: 60m3/h
- Head: 80 meter
- Rotary: 970 rpm
- Suction height: 6 meter
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80HYCB-60 Large Flow Fuel Pump for Large Fuel Tanker Trucks
(Suitable for dongfeng fuel truck,howo fuel truck,foton fuel truck,isuzu fuel truck,faw fuel truck,jac fuel truck,etc)

Chengli 80HYCB-60 large flow fuel pump is applicable to large fuel tank trucks of about 10-25 tons capacity, stable performance, good price.
Model 80HYCB-60
Medium for diesel, petrol,Kerosene,lubricating oil,etc
Type Gear type fuel pump
Brand CLW
New or Used New
Flow 60m3/h (1000 L/min)
Head Height 80 meter
Input Shaft Speed 970 rpm
Shaft Power 11(kW)m
Suction Height 6 meter
Input Shaft Rotary Direction Left or Right
Pressure 0.6MPa
Packing Weight -
Packing Dimension -
Package Wood Box

Use Special Reminder:

1、 If the fuel pump is not full of medium, it is strictly forbidden to start the PTO(power take-off) control handle, otherwise the gear will be burnt.

2、 When the temperature is lower than ℃, the oil in the fuel pump must be drained after the work is completed, otherwise the fuel pump box will be damaged due to freezing.

3、 Hard objects shall be strictly prevented from entering the fuel pump body to damage the gears. If the fuel pump cannot rotate, special personnel shall be assigned to repair it.

4、 The user shall be responsible for the loss caused by the above reasons. YHCB series circular arc gear oil pump is mainly used to transport oil with viscosity of 5~15,000m3/s, temperature below 80 ℃, no solid particles and fibers, lubricating oil and media similar to this kind of oil. Such as automobile, kerosene, diesel and mechanical lubricating oil. It is an ideal pump for oil tank trucks and oil departments.

Installation, Sse and Maintenance of Fuel Pump:

1、 The fuel pump can be installed in the refueling truck and the fuel pump room of the oil depot. The design of the oil circuit installed on the truck shall comply with the functions specified in Article 4.18.1 of GB9414-88. The oil circuit diagram shown in this manual is for reference only. If a four-way valve is equipped, the oil circuit is more convenient.

2、 Precautions for installation and use on the fuel refilling truck: (1) The fuel pump is driven by the power take-off and transmission shaft of the automobile gearbox. The fuel pump should be installed as far forward as possible. The pump shaft and transmission shaft should be coaxial as far as possible, and the inclination angle should not be greater than 70. (2) Fuel pump should be hoisted on a hanger welded with angle steel. The height of the pump can be determined according to the axis of the output shaft of the power take-off. The left and right positions of the pump should be close to the longitudinal beam of the automobile as possible, To avoid interference between the pump and the automobile transmission shaft. And fix it on the car longitudinal beam with bolts. (3) The diameter of the suction pipe mouth shall be matched with the diameter of the fuel pump inlet and outlet, and the suction shall be vertical to the longitudinal beam of the vehicle. The vertical depth of suction shall not be greater than 7m, and the pipeline shall be shortened as far as possible. (4) During operation, the pressure gauge does not rise above 0.5MPa, and the vacuum gauge does not rise above -0.08 MPa.

3、 Before running the fuel pump, verify the rotation direction of the drive shaft, the sealing of the flange and the joint, carefully check whether the valve switches are correct, and do not start the oil pump when the valve of the pump outlet pipeline is not opened, so as to avoid damage to components and danger.

4、 Clean the filter regularly (half a month) to avoid blocking and affecting the pump flow. Regularly check and adjust the oil discharge pressure of the safety valve. The diameter of suction pipe orifice must be equal to that of outlet pipe. 5、 The pump speed should be low to high, accelerate slowly, and maintain the corresponding speed. It is not allowed to overspeed at will, nor to change from high to low.

6、 During the operation of the gear fuel pump, pay attention to the counting of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge. If the pressure counting is too large, it means that the lift is too high or the pump outlet pipeline is blocked, which causes overload. If the vacuum gauge is large, it means that the suction head is too large or the pump suction pipe is blocked, which causes cavitation of the pump.

7、 In low temperature season, when the pump is not working, the liquid stored in the pump should be drained from the hole to prevent the box from freezing and cracking.

8、 If the pump is used for a long time, it shall be properly protected against rust.

9、 The bearing shall be filled with calcium base grease (referring to large flow pump) every six months.

10、 The pipeline shall have a pipe rack. The pump is not allowed to bear the load of the pipeline. The pump installation height shall not exceed the allowable vacuum suction height when the pump is working.

11、 When stopping, disconnect the power take-off handle first, and then close the inlet and outlet valves of the pump.

12、 If the pump is not full of medium, it is strictly prohibited to start.

13、 During installation, avoid striking the driving shaft or coupling axially, otherwise the gear will be damaged due to friction between the gear and the box.

Suitable Fuel Tank Trucks Models for
80HYCB-60 Fuel Pump:

Packing & Shipping of Water Pump:

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