Chengli Hot Sale Foton Ambulance Mobile Hospital Ambulance Car

- FOTON Medical Ambulance
- Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi 100kW dieseI engine
- Patient compartment with oxygen supply system, auto loading stretcher,seats,slidable infusion stand,medical cabinet, medical monitoring equipment,long row police light, sir

【Chassis Parameters】

FOTON van type, Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi 100kW Euro IV dieseI engine, manual 5-speed transmission, disc brake, 4 pcs tire 195R15C; front suspension is Double wishbone torsion bar spring independent suspension, rear suspension is Leaf spring non-independent suspension; power assist steering; drive cabin with air conditioning. 


Model CLW5043TJHBJ6
Chassis brand FOTON
Cabin 2 seats, with two doors
New or Used New
Overall dimension 5380x1920x2480mm
Gross weight 3400kg
Curb weight 2160kg
Wheelbase 3400mm
Engine power Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi 100kW Euro IV dieseI engine
Fuel type DieseI
Transmission Manual 5- speed
Brake Disc brake
Tire 6+1 pcs, 10.00R20 radial tires
Max speed 100km/h


【Ambulance Parameters】

1. Standard long-row LED blue warning lights at the front (including warning light alarm controller, hand-held control handle with shouting function), 100W loudspeaker (adjustable sound size);

2. LED flashing lights at the rear of the car;

3. Paste blue or red reflective film and first aid signs around the car body (can be designed according to customer needs);

4. Middle partition wall assembly (including sliding windows);

5. Medical non-slip, acid and alkali resistant, wear-resistant PVC floor;

6. The top of the medical cabin and the left side wall are all integrally formed environmental protection interior panels (the steel plate is embedded in the left side wall);

7. Medicine cabinet (place all kinds of rescue drugs), article cabinet (large items), wall cabinet (light and small items), oxygen cylinder cabinet (oxygen cylinder) equipment cabinet (install ICU medical equipment) emergency cabinet;

8. 2/3 translucent frosted sub-film on medical cabin car window glass;

9. 10L oxygen cylinder, oxygen cylinder fixing bracket, double gauge pressure reducing valve (special double gauge pressure adjustable for ventilator), high pressure medical grade oxygen tube, oxygen terminal interface (national standard), 2 sets of humidifying bottles each;

10. Domestically-made stretcher with automatic loading (some models are equipped with loading guide) and stretcher guide rail, scoop stretcher;

11. Doctor's seat and family seat (long bench or multiple independent seats) including safety belt and leather;

12. Two sets of fixed-point folding infusion hangers (or slide-rail infusion hangers);

13. 4 vehicle-mounted 12V/LED lights, 1 door opening light, 2 infusion spotlights, outdoor lighting (configuration according to the appearance of the announcement);

14. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp: 1 12V vehicle-mounted ultraviolet disinfection lamp;

15. Front and rear cabin intercom system: install hands-free intercom in the cockpit medical cabin;

16. ACC key ignition control, cockpit integrated host fuse box, medical cabin integrated control panel;

17. Vehicle-mounted 12V/1000W pure sine wave inverter power supply, AC: 220V/DC: 12V uninterruptible power sockets, 2 sets each;

18. One set of 75Ah vehicle-mounted additional battery and one set of battery isolator;

19. One set of 1KG fire extinguisher, safety hammer, safety handrail, and stainless steel dirt bucket in the medical cabin;

20. Anti-collision soft package for medical cabin;

21. Original air conditioner and heater for medical cabin;

22. Middle door sliding glass (optional for some models);


23. Electric ventilating fan (top exhaust and bottom exhaust can be selected according to the announcement of different models).


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As vehicles change or emission standards upgraded, the specifications above are for reference. Please contact us for a latest quote!




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