Dongfeng 10m3 Sewage Suction Truck

- Dongfeng 4x2 sewage suction truck
- Cummins 190HP engine
- 8-speed transmission
- 10.00R20 radial tire
- Sewage tank volume: 10m3
- Sewage pump: 9m3/h vacuum sewage pump
- Unloading: hydraulic rear dumping

【Chassis Parameters】

Dongfeng 4x2 signle cab chassis, condition new, 3950mm wheelbase, Cummins 190HP Euro3 dieseI engine, manual 9-speed transmission, 10.00R20 raidal tires, with one spare tire, 5 ton front axle, 10 ton rear axle, full air brake, power assist steering, etc. 


【Upper Structure Parameters】

- Sewage tank volume: 10,000 liter, box body is made of carbon steel, 5mm tank body, 6mm sea head

- Sewage pump: SK-9 vacuum pump

- Others: tank hydraulic lifting rear dump, with a DN150mm discharge valve at rear, hydraulic open tailgate, with a 8m suction hose, with tank level view-window, etc


Model CLW5160GXWD3
Chassis brand Dongfeng
Wheeldrive 4x2, LHD
New or Used New
Overall dimension 7560x2500x3300mm
Gross weight 16000kg
Curb weight 8500kg
Load 8-10 tons
Wheelbase 3950mm
Engine power Cummins 190HP Euro3
Fuel type DieseI
Transmission Manual, 8-speed
Brake Full air brake
Axle load 5 tons / 10 tons
Tire 6+1 pcs, 10.00R20 radial tires
Max speed 90km/h
Sewage Tank Tank Volume 10,000 liter
Material 5mm carbon steel tank body, 6mm seal head
Tailgate Hydraulic opening
Main Components Sewage pump SK-9 vacuum pump, 9m3/h flow, 1000rpm rotary
Tank unloading Hydraulic rear dumping
Discharge valve 1 pcs DN150mm aluminum alloy outlet
Suction hose 1 pcs 8 meters long
Level view-window 1 pcs
Oil & water separator Included
Anti-overflow valve Included
Wash hand tank 1 pcs
Performance Max suction depth 7 meters
Suction full-tank time ≤ 6 minutes
Positive pressure pump water time ≤ 5 minutes


【Structures of Vacuum Sewage Truck】

The structures of vacuum sewage truck includes: cab chassis, carbon steel sewage tank body, hydraulic back door, door locks, vacuum pump, separator, four-way valve, oil gas separator, ball valve, hydraulic discharge cylinder, visual window, etc.  Chengli made vacuum septical cleaner sewage suction trucks are already near 20 years experiences, with mature manufacture technologies, high quality and good price. 

【Product Workmanshop of Vacuum Sewage Truck】

Chengli CLW brand vacuum sewage tanker trucks are all made of high quality Wugang steel, and perfectly welded, no leakge;  tank body and all accessories are well coated and paint, 2 layer bottom coat, and 2 layer surface paint. We can accept customized paint and logo designs.  


【Job Scenes of Vacuum Sewage Truck】


As vehicles change or emission standards upgraded, the specifications above are for reference. Please contact us for a latest price! 


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