Dongfeng 8cbm Garbage Compactor Truck

Dongfeng 8m3 garbage compactor truck
Yudong 129HP Euro3 engine
Manual 5-speed transmission
7.50R16 radial tires
8m3 volume, 4mm side wall, 4mm bottom plate
Rear waste bin flip device, intelligent control system+manual control+inside cab controlled

【Chassis Parameters】

Dongfeng 4x2 cab chassis, condition new, single cab, 3 seats, 3800mm wheelbase, Yudong 129HP Euro3 dieseI engine, manual 5-speed transmission, 7.50R16 radial tires, with one spare tire, 2.5 ton front axle, 5.5 ton rear axle, air brake, power assist steering, etc. 


【Upper Structure Parameters】

Chengli produced garbage compactor body, with 8 cubic meter volume box, rear with waste bin flip device, can flip 120L/240L/660L waste bins, control panel+manual lever+inside cab controlled. The new flat arc-shaped car body, the material of the car body is high-quality carbon steel of Wuhan Iron and Steel, the effective compression volume is 7 cubic meters, PLC one-key operation control, integrated flashlight operation mode, dual electric control on both sides, with cab operation, and strengthened floor support, Two-way compression, open and easy-to-clean sewage tank. The compression garbage truck adopts electro-hydraulic integration technology, with the help of automatic control system of machine, electricity, and hydraulic, computer control, manual operation system, and special devices such as filler and dozer to realize garbage dumping, crushing or squashing , Powerful loading, squeezing the garbage into the carriage, compacting and unloading, all the sewage enters the sewage collection tank, which solves the problem of secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process. The compression garbage truck has the functions of automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression. It has the advantages of high compression ratio, good sealing performance, large loading capacity, convenient operation, good environmental protection, and high utilization power of the whole vehicle. The operation is automated, and the garbage collection method is simple and efficient. Optional rear turning mechanism of garbage compactor truck: 1. Hanging plastic bucket turning mechanism; 2. Hanging iron barrel turning mechanism; 3. Swing arm turning mechanism; 4. Dustpan bucket turning mechanism.

Model CLW5081ZYSD3
Chassis brand Dongfeng
Wheeldrive 4x2, LHD
New or Used New
Overall dimension 7450x2350x2850mm
Gross weight 9860kg
Curb weight 5400kg
Load 5 tons
Wheelbase 3800mm
Engine power Yuchai 120HP Euro3
Fuel type DieseI
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Brake air brake
Axle load 2.5/5.5 Tons
Tire 6+1 pcs, 7.50R16 radial tires
Max speed 90km/h


[Structures & Features of Garbage Compactor]

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