Dongfeng KR 100 meter fog cannon truck mounted mist water sprayer disinfection truck for sale

- Chassis Brand: Dongfeng
- Engine:Cummins190HP
- Volume: 10000 liter
- Fog Cannon: 100 meter capacity
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Dust suppression truck is a special kind of water truck that suppresses dust pollution by spraying dust suppression curing agent and other spray liquids. Mainly serve railways, roads and other places with high dust incidence. In terms of structure, the dust suppression vehicle is mainly composed of a swing arm spray device, a liquid storage tank, a self-carrying vehicle and a control system.

In winter or cold areas, the tank body, spray nozzle and pump body of the dust suppression vehicle need to be equipped with a thermal insulation heating system to operate normally.

Dust suppression trucks are used for the prevention and control of coal dust pollution in railway coal transportation, and are also widely used in other bulk material transportation processes to prevent dust pollution, as well as slag yard, coal storage yard, construction site, vehicle coal transportation dust, sand fixation, steel building materials, cement, enterprises Various open-air stockyard ecological slope protection and so on.

When the train transports coal, the dust suppression truck can solidify the coal on each train to form a protective film and reduce pollution.

The dust suppression truck also has the function of a sprinkler, which can rotate 360 degrees during the spraying operation.
Dongfeng 100-meter fog cannon sprayer truck, dust suppression vehicle and disinfection vehicle are refitted with the second-class special chassis of domestic well-known brands. They have the characteristics of good spraying effect, safe and reliable operation, long spraying range, low water consumption and low operating noise. The main structure of the multi-functional dust suppression vehicle is to install a large-volume water tank, a high-efficiency remote fog cannon unit system, a generator set system, a low-pressure flushing sprinkler system, and a green sprinkler anti-aircraft gun on the walking chassis mechanism (optional electronic remote control water cannon is installed in the vehicle. Front end), hydraulic system, electronic control system, special operation device, etc., its performance is at the leading level in China.

【Chassis Parameters】

Cab chassis of Dongfeng 100 meter fog cannon truck mounted mist water sprayer disinfection truck: Dongfeng KR 4x2, condition new, 3 seats with a sleeper, 5000mm wheelbase, Cummins 190HP Euro3 dieseI engine, manual 8 speed transmission, 6+1 pcs 10.00R20 tires, with one spare tire, 6 ton front axle, 10 ton double reduction rear axle, air brake, power assist steering, power window, central lock, with air conditioning, etc. 


【Upper Structure Parameters】

Superstructure of Dongfeng KR 100 meter fog cannon truck mounted mist water sprayer disinfection truck 

- Chengli produced water tank & spraying system, multi functional for water delivery, water sprinkling, emergency fire fighting, spray water dust suppression, etc;

- 10,000 liter carbon steel tank, inside with anti-corrosion treatment, with one DN460mm manhole, rear with a platform and ladder;
- Fog cannon sprayer: CLW-120, with 120kW diesel generator set, spray range 100 meters, fog spray 360° slewing, -10° ~ +45° horizontal angle. 

- Water pump consumption 10m3/h;

- with front/rear/side water spraying nozzles, water spraying range 12-16 meters; with a water cannon, spraying range 28 meters;

Specifications of Dongfeng 20000 liter Dust Suppression Water Truck with Fog Cannon Mist Sprayer Truck:

Vehicle Parameters Model CLW5180GSSD3
New or Used New
Overall dimension 9000x2500x3750mm
Gross weight 18000kg
Curb weight 10200kg
Chassis Parameters Chassis brand DONGFENG
Wheelbase 5000mm
Engine power 190HP
Cab KR new  cabin, 3 seats with a sleeper, with air conditioning, power window, central lock, MP3
Transmission Manual, 8-speed forward and 1 reversinf
Front Axle 6 Ton
Rear Axle 10 Ton
Brake  Air brake, exhaust brake
Tire 6+1 pcs, 10.00R20 radial tire
Max speed 90km/h
Engine Brand Dongfeng
Power 140kW / 190HP
Displacement 5900cc
Emission standard Euro3
Superstructure Tank volume 10,000 liter
Tank material Carbon steel with anti-corrosion treatment
Front spraying 2 pcs nozzles, manual or auto controlled
Rear spraying 2 pcs nozzles, manual or auto controlled
Side spraying 2 pcs nozzles, manual or auto controlled
Water cannon 1 pcs, 360° slewing, shot 28-35 meters
Shot of spraying nozzle 12 - 16 meters
Valve 2 pcs, discharge valve + fire hydrant joint
Fog Cannon Sprayer
Model: CLW-120
Spray: water mist, water fog
Range: 100 meters
Horizontal slewing angle: 360°
Vertical slewing angle: -10° ~ 45°
Water pump: 11kW, 10m3/h water consumption
Generator set: 120kW diesel
Control: control panel + remote control

2. Applicable environment:

The remote sprayer can spray dust in squares and docks to adjust air humidity; spray on urban streets for disinfection and sterilization; and can also reduce dust and cool down in mining areas, demolition sites, coal yards, steel mills, etc. The product has played a significant role in coal, power generation, smelting, coalification, mining, demolition construction, highways and other industries, especially suitable for large-scale, open-air mining or storage bases for dust reduction and dust suppression.
Features of Dust Removal fog sprayer cannon machine:

1. Strong wind, long range, wide coverage, good atomization effect, uniform spraying, low power consumption, high work efficiency, movable, simple and convenient operation.

2. Dust suppression can be carried out on sandstorms and demolition sites at any time, which not only avoids useless work outside the operation scope, but also avoids the large-scale diffusion of dust.

3. It is safe and convenient to operate by remote control up and down, left and right (can be operated in the cab). Various forms of spray such as constant, low volume and ultra-low volume can be realized, saving the cost of use.

4. The three-phase 380V mains power can be used, and it can be fixedly installed on the platform of lifting or concrete pouring, and can also be installed on the transportation vehicle with the power supply of the diesel generator set.​​

5. The fog cannon is suitable for static pollution sources and dynamic pollution sources. It can remotely adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle. It is safe, flexible and convenient to use, saving human resources.

6. Equipped with high-quality water pumps, nozzles, motors, stable performance, safe and reliable, can be used in harsh environments for a long time, water resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

7. When matched with vehicles, it has strong mobility and no need to invest a lot of infrastructure costs such as civil construction. No matter the location, working environment, or changes in the use of equipment, the material yard does not require secondary investment.

8. According to customer requirements, we can configure trailers, water tanks, diesel generators, various light trucks, or consult us for detailed solutions.

Manufacture process of Dongfeng 20000 liter Dust Suppression Water Truck with Fog Cannon Mist Sprayer Truck

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(2) What is the price method of free post-parts supply?

1. Method: unified supply at the local Dongfeng/Jinan Heavy Duty Truck/Isuzu and other chassis technical service stations, according to user requirements or directly delivered by Chengli Special Automobile Factory; 2. Parts are only charged for the cost of production, and no other fees are added.

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According to the dimensions and weight of the vehicle or cargo, you can choose bulk carriers, ro-ro ships, container ships 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ, 40FR, etc.

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