Exporting Ford Transit Diesel Mid-wheelbase Mid-roof hospital ambulance patient transport ambulance van car for sale

- Ford Transit Mid-axle Mid-roof Diesel Ambulance
- Crew no.: 8 people
- Engine: 90kW, 2.0L, diesel
- Stretcher, Medical Cabinet, Oxygen Cylinder, etc.
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Ford New Transit Mid-Wheelbase Mid-Roof Negative Pressure Monitoring Ambulance (Diesel Country VI,

1. Product Catalog

No. Product Name Product Model
1 Ford New Transit Mid-Wheelbase Mid-Roof Negative Pressure Monitoring Ambulance (Diesel Country VI, MT) CLW5040XJHMK6

2. Product Description
This CLW5040XJHMK6 negative pressure ambulance is a negative pressure monitoring ambulance professionally designed based on the chassis of "Jiangling JX6533TB-M6 light van". Equipped with functional equipment such as stretcher, infusion, nursing, oxygen supply, power supply, negative pressure disinfection, ventilation, lighting, warning, etc. Through the negative pressure disinfection device, the air pressure in the medical cabin is lower than the external atmospheric pressure, and a pressure difference of not less than 15pa is quickly established. The medical cabin has a reasonable layout and compact structure. The cabin adopts a three-dimensional layout with the left and right layout as the main and the upper and lower layout as a supplement. The operation and operation are simple and convenient. The needs of long-term outdoor operations such as first aid and transport”.

3. Vehicle Specifications & Standard Configurations

Technical Requirement
Modified base car (chassis car): Ford's new Transit mid-wheelbase mid-roof diesel Euro6 MT (manual transmission)
Appearance color: white/red
Basic Specifications
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 3510
Crew No. 8 people (stretcher included)
Wheelbase (mm) 3300
Overall Dimension(L x W x H) (mm) 5341x2032x2470
Medical Patient Compartment (mm) 2620x1700x1740
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 141
Maximum Speed (km/h) 156
Engine Model DURATORQ4D206H
Engine Rated Power (kW) 90
Engine Displacement (ml) 1998
Emission Compliance Euro VI
Front/Rear Track (mm) 1736/1720
Transmission Manual, 5 Forward and 1 Reversing
Suspension type McPherson independent suspension/leaf spring dependent suspension
Steering System Rack and pinion, hydraulic power steering
Brake System Disc brake, hydraulic brake
Fuel Tank 80L
Drive type Front set front driving
Medical Warning Appearance
Front and rear wings The streamlined shape design integrated with the chassis can effectively reduce the wind resistance of the whole vehicle during high-speed driving; the stamping molding process is adopted, the molding consistency is good, the structural strength is high, and the cathodic electrophoresis treatment, the paint film is fine and bright, and corrosion-resistant.
Car Appearance The front bumper, body side walls and tailgate use self-adhesive body color strips, and the front hood, left and right front doors, and tailgate use reflective film emergency signs, which are brightly colored, eye-catching and effective warning; membrane to protect occupant privacy.
Warning Lights The front roof wing and rear wing adopt streamlined split embedded LED warning light assembly with patented design (polymer material injection molding), siren horn power 100W, wire-controlled controller, with LED light group inside.
Medical Cabin Ambulance Facility
Rescue System Automatic loading stretcher: The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is light and firm, and easy to operate. Through operation, the stretcher carrying the patient can be pushed into or pulled out of the ambulance quickly and smoothly. Adjustable within a 75-degree range, equipped with a patient's safety belt to facilitate the fixation between the patient and the stretcher.
Stretcher platform: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, assisting the stretcher to get on and off the car.
Infusion holder: Install 2 sets of foldable infusion holders on the top of the medical cabin.
Oxygen Supply System 2 10L aluminum oxygen cylinders, nominal pressure 15MPA; 2 German oxygen terminals, 1 medical oxygen inhaler, 1 ventilator interface, 2 double-gauge pressure regulating valves.
Medical Power Supply System
Inverter The 1000W power frequency pure sine wave inverter has strong load capacity and stable output power. In order to prevent the original car battery from running out of power, an additional 80Ah battery is installed. The medical cabin is equipped with 6 AC220V/2 DC12V outputs (can be connected to two/three holes, AC/DC dual purpose)
Cabin Lighting Install 2 LED lights and 2 infusion spotlights on the top of the medical cabin.
Disinfection System
UV disinfection lamp A UV disinfection lamp is installed above the side sliding door of the medical cabin, and the disinfection lamp has the function of timing delay on and off.
Ozone generator One set of ozone generator is installed in the medical cabin, which can generate ozone for disinfection in the cabin.
Negative Pressure System A negative pressure disinfection device is installed in the left cabinet of the medical cabin, including a medium-efficiency filter, a high-efficiency filter, a negative pressure fan, an ultraviolet disinfection lamp, etc. Disinfection by filters and disinfection lamps can eliminate 99.99% of germs and ensure that the air discharged from the car is pollution-free.
Air Cycling System  
Air Conditioning/Hot Air 1 set of rear air conditioner and rear heater that can be independently controlled, cooling and heating are independently controlled, and the temperature in the medical cabin can be reasonably adjusted according to needs.
Medical Cabin Cabinet/interior Configuration
Partition Wall Assembly A set of partition walls made of new environmentally friendly materials are installed between the cab and the medical cabin, and a glass observation window is set on the partition wall to facilitate observation and communication between the front and rear cabins.
Cabinet assembly Install a set of long equipment cabinets made of new environmentally friendly materials.
Install a set of oxygen cylinder cabinets made of new environmentally friendly materials, which can accommodate two 10L oxygen cylinders.
Install 1 set of high polymer glass fiber SMC material hanging cabinet. The hanging cabinet adopts a lift-up door structure, which is convenient to open the cabinet door, and the cabinet door is transparent, which is convenient to observe the contents in the cabinet.
Install 1 set of long seat cabinet made of polymer glass fiber SMC material, including seat cushion, backrest, and two-point safety belt.
Medical Cabin Interior  Medical cabin interior: The interior of the medical cabin is integrally formed with a polymer composite mold, which is waterproof, mildew-proof, antibacterial, and easy to clean.
Medical cabin floor: It is made of integral new lightweight honeycomb material, which is non-slip, waterproof, mildew-proof, antibacterial and easy to clean.
Auxiliary Facilities  
Single Seat A single seat is installed in front of the long seat cabinet on the right side of the medical cabin, with blue imitation leather fabric and three-point safety belt.
Reversing radar There are 4 radar probes installed on the rear bumper of the car.
Interphone Install a hands-free intercom system to facilitate communication and communication between the cockpit and medical cabin personnel.
Fire extinguisher The medical cabin is equipped with a set of 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher. The cab is equipped with a set of 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher.
Dirt bucket The medical cabin is equipped with a foot-operated dirt bucket with a lid.
Hand sanitizer box Install a hand sanitizer box behind the partition wall.
Safety handrail Install a long rail on the top of the medical cabin.
Emergency hammer Install 1 emergency hammer in the medical bay.
Optional Devices  
Negative pressure isolation chamber - Domestic, portable, avoid cross-infection of patients with biological or radioactive particles and the external environment;
- Can be installed on the car stretcher bed, and used on the folding stretcher;
- the negative pressure isolation cabin works through an air filter with a battery, A directional flow is generated in the cabin, and a directional pressure difference can be generated in the cabin within 20 seconds, the pressure difference: ≥15Pa;
- the air flow in the negative pressure isolation cabin can be adjusted to a negative pressure state according to the patient's condition; the effective filtration efficiency is greater than 99.99%;
Driving recorder 1, driving monitoring, high-definition recording, video automatic coverage loop, with 32G card
Scoop stretcher The middle of both ends of the stretcher is equipped with a hinged clutch device, which can separate the stretcher into left and right parts. The length of the stretcher can be adjusted in 4 steps, and it can be folded for easy transportation and portability.
Side sliding door pedal Auxiliary side sliding door to get into the car.
Tailgate pedal Auxiliary tailgate to get into the car.

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