HOWO 6x4 20-25 Tons Excavator Flatbed Truck

- HOWO 6x4 20-25 tons Excavator Flatbed Truck
- Sinotruk 340HP or 380HP Diesel engine
- 6+1 pcs 295/80R20 origin tires
- Flat bed dimension: 7200x2500(mm)
- Front lifting outrigger: 30,40 ton hydraulic lift weigh
- Spring ladder: Mechanical or Hydrau

【Chassis Parameters】

HOWO 6x4 20-25 tons excavator self loading flatbed truck adapts Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 10 wheeler heavy duty dedicated chassis, condition new, HW76 new cabin, 3 seats with a sleeper, Sinotruk 340HP or 380HP dieseI engine, HW19710 10-speed transmission, 295/80R22.5 radial tires, with one spare tire,HF7 7 ton front axle, ST16 16 ton rear axle, air brake, power assist steering, with air conditioning, power window, etc.

【Upper Structure Parameters】

Sinotruk HOWO 20-25 tons excavator self loading flatbed truck, with hydraulic lift outriggers leg installed behind cabin, 30, 40 tons heavy lift capacity, which can be used to lift the flatbed truck to make a ramp of the flat deck bed, for a easy climb or loading onboard for excavators or cars or machines. It is mainly used for carrying excavator, bulldozer, loaders, road rollers, large agricultural machinery, etc. Traditional flatbed truck with two pcs ladders for climbing up, but is very dangerous and for some crawler-type or large machinery is prone to rollover due to the corners of the platform and ladder when getting on the vehicle. Chengli CLW produced self loading flatbed truck, installed a heavy lifting front outrigger at front of flatbed, behind cabin,  it can lifting the truck to give the flat deck plate a tilt angle, so that any truck or machinery can easily climb onto the flat bed,  and on the front of the deck bed, can install hydraulic winch, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons to pull up fault vehicles or machines. 


Model CLW5250TPBZZ
Chassis brand Sinotruk HOWO
New or Used New
Overall dimension(mm) 10350x2500x3120
Flatbed dimension(mm) 7500x2500
Hydraulic lift outriggers 30 tons, 40 tons lifting capacity for optional
Gross weight 25000kg
Curb weight 10860kg
Load 20-25 tons
Wheelbase(mm) 4350+1350, 5225+1350
Engine power

Sinotruk 340HP or 380HP engine

D10.34, D10.38, D615.96,D615.47

Fuel type DieseI
Transmission HW19710 10 - speed
Brake Full air brake
Axle load HF7/ST16 heavy duty
Tire 10+1 pcs, 295/80R22.5 tires
Max speed 90km/h

- Hydraulic lift outriggers: 30 tons, 40 tons heavy duty lifting capacity for optional

- Material: 6mm deck plate, under supported with 120x120mm square tube made frame

- Rear ladder: 2 pcs mechanical spring ladders(can choose hydraulic ladders)

- Winch: 8 tons hydraulic winch


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