HOWO RHD 5,000 liter Refueling Truck

HOWO 4x2 5,000 liter Refueling Truck
Engine: Yunnei 116HP Euro2
Tir: 6+1 pcs 7.00R16 radial tire
Fuel dispenser unit: 30-50L/min refilling flow, with 15m refueling hose
Pump: 40/45 fuel pump
Valve: 1 pcs DN50 gravity discharge valves

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【Chassis Parameters】

Sinotruk HOWO 4x2 chassis, Right Hand Drive cabin, condition new, 3360mm wheelbase, Yunnei 4102 116HP Euro2 diesel engine, WLY 6-speed transmission, 7.00R16 radial tires, with one spare tire, 2.5 ton front axle, 4.0 ton rear axle, air brake, power assist steering, exhaust pipe front mounted, etc. 


【Upper Structure Parameters】

CLW5070GJYZZ2 HOWO 5,000 liter fuel dispenser truck, carbon steel tank body, with single tank compartment, with 1 pcs manhole cover, 1 pcs gravity discharge ports, with 1 pcs safety valve foot valve;  with Saike(Bolai) large flow fuel dispenser,  30~50L/min refiling flow, with a 15m refilling hose reel; with 40/45 fue pump, pump-inlet and pump-outlet function; with 2 pcs fuel hose, 2 pcs hose box, valve box, tool box, ladder, top anti-skid walkway, top protective fence, rear bumper, fire extinguishers, dangerous warning stickers, reflective stickers, etc. 


【Vehicle Basic Parameters】

Vehicle Basic Specifications
Vehicle Model CLW5070GJYZZ2 Volume of Tanker 5000 liter
Chassis brand Sinotruk HOWO 4x2 New or Used  Condition new
Overall dimension 5820x2100x2230mm Cargo Box Dimension  - 
Gross weight 6850 kg Rated Weight 3200 kg
Curb weight 3650 kg Wheelbase 3360mm
Axle No. 2 Cab Seat No. 3 people
Axle Load 2500/4000 (kg) Fuel Type Diesel

Yunnei 4102 116HP Euro2

Steering System LHD, power aissist steering
Transmission Manual, WLY 6-speed Clutch Single dry clutch plate
Brake Air brake Tire No. 6 +1 pcs
Front/Rear Suspension Multi Leaf Springs Tire Model 7.00R16 radial tires
Fuel Tank 120 liter Battery 24V
Max speed 90km/h
Superstructures Parameters
Type Fuel Transport Tanker Volume of Tanker 5,000 liter
Medium Gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar and other oil products Material of Tanker Carbon steel
 Manhole 2 pcs, aluminum alloy manhole cover Fuel Discharge Valve

2 pcs

 Safety Valve Bottom emergency cut off valve, breathing valve, anti-overflow probe Pump

1 unit, 60/90 fire pump

Pump inlet and pump outlet

Flow Meter

Optional  Level Guage Optional
Refueling Device

Tax control computer dispenser unit + Refueling nozzle with 15 meter thick hose reel 

Safety System

1. Foot emergency cut-off valve;

2. Breathing valve;

3. Anti-overflow probe;

4. Static conductive wire reel;

5. Fire extinguisher.








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