ISUZU 100KW Emergency Power Supply Truck

- ISUZU 700P cab chassis
- 190HP Euro5 engine
- DieseI generator set power: 100KW
- Generator brand: Cummins, Weichai, Volve, CAT, etc.
- Control system: Self-starting control panel
- Electric cable: 200 meters
- Mute noise reduction cabinet

【Chassis Parameters】

ISUZU 700P cab  chassis, condition new, single cabin, 3 seats, four doors, 3815mm wheelbase, ISUZU 190HP Euro 5 dieseI engine, MLD 6-speed transmission, 235/75R175 radial tires, with one spare tire, ISUZU 4 ton front axle, ISUZU 7-ton rear axle, hydraulic brake, ABS, power assist steering, with air conditioning, etc. 


【Upper Structure Parameters】

The emergency power supply truck is equipped with generator sets, cable winches, hydraulic (mechanical) outrigger power cables, lighting systems, grounding brazing and fire-fighting facilities, etc., which are mainly used to deal with emergencies and emergency power supply.

   1. Customers can choose the generator brand according to their actual needs, or they can bring their own generators. The car can be loaded with 100 kilowatt dieseI generators. Conventional brands include Cummins, Weichai, etc. This car can be used for emergency power generation in small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, and mobile communication departments. It adopts a silent car body, which has high strength, absorbs and attenuates noise, and has the composite functions of mute, heat insulation, dustproof, rainproof and shockproof.

   2. The carriage is a square car body with an arc structure on the top, so there will be no water accumulation on the top of the car. The structural material of the car body is anti-corrosion cold-rolled steel plate, and the internal frame is cold-formed. The surface of the car body is smooth and flat, and the car body has sufficient strength.

   3. There are manual (electric) shutters for air intake and exhaust respectively at the front and rear of the side of the car body, and are equipped with windows or auxiliary air intake and exhaust windows arranged on the front and rear sections of the chassis, so that the unit can enter and exhaust normally. Air volume and exhaust volume.

   4. There are maintenance doors on both sides of the car body, and there is a step ladder under the door, which can be turned up and fixed to the lower part of the car body.


Model CLW5100XQXQ5
Chassis brand ISUZU
Cabin Single row cabin, 3 seats, with air conditioning
New or Used New
Overall dimension 6885x2260x3050mm
Gross weight 8500kg
Curb weight 6800kg
Wheelbase 3815 mm
Engine power ISUZU 190HP Euro5 
Fuel type DieseI
Transmission ISUZU 6 - speed
Brake Hydraulic brake, ABS
Axle load ISUZU 4/7 Tons
Tire 6+1 pcs, 235/75R17.5 tires
Max speed 90km/h


[Main Structures & Features of Power Supply Truck]


【Power Supply Special Parameters】

DieseI generator set Famous brand, America CAT, Cummins, China WEICHAI
Generator Internatinal famous Stamford Brushless self-excited AC synchronous generator with AVR automatic voltage regulation
Generator power 100KW
Working noise <80 dB
Electric cable 200 meters (YCI*95mm2)
Cable reel winch 4 pcs (hand & electric)
Emergency light 2 pcs
Hydraulic outriggers 4 pcs electric hydraulic outrigger legs
Fluorescent lamp 3 pcs (AC 220V, DC 24V)
Self-starting control panel 1 set
Grounding device 1 set
Mute noise reduction cabinet Access doors, step ladders, ladders, non-slip aluminum floors, compartments, stainless steel door trims, noise reduction panels, residential mufflers, corrugated pipes.
Extinguisher 2 pcs (3kg ABC extinguisher)
Optinal devices

1. reversing radar; 2. reversing camera; 3. lifting lighting lamp; 

4. flashing lamps;  5. long line warning light with siren; 


As vehicles change or emission standards upgraded, the specifications above are for reference. Please contact us for a latest quote!


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