JAC 5 ton 14ft reefer van truck cold box truck

- JAC 5 ton 14feet cold box truck
- Insulation Box: 4200x2000x2000mm
- Refrigeration unit: -16℃ ~ 0℃
- Cummins 125HP Euro2 diesel engine
- 6+1 pcs 7.00R16 radial tires

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【Chassis Parameters】

JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck 's JAC single cab chassis, condition new, 3 seats with bed, 3360mm wheelbase, Cummins 125HP Euro 2 dieseI engine, Manual 6-speed transmission, 7.00R16 radial tires, with one spare tire, 2.5 Ton front axle, 5.0 Ton rear axle, hydraulic brake, exhaust brake, power assist steering, etc. 

Chassis brand options: ISUZU refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, Sinotruk HOWO refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, Foton refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, FAW refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, Dongfeng refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, SHACMAN refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, SAIC-HONGYAN-IVECO refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, Changan refrigerated van mobile freezer truck, etc.


【Upper Structure Parameters】

JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck: Insulation box size 4200x2000x2000mm, large box volume;  insulation box material outer and inner plate are FRP panel, middle with 80mm insulation layer; Refrigeration unit of small refrigerated truck is -16℃ cooling capacity.

Refrigeration unit brand options of refrigerated vans mobile freezer truck: American import brand Thermo King, Carrier brand;   China brand Hanxue, Kauxue, Huatai, Bingli, etc.


Model CLW5070XLCHF3 reefer box truck
Chassis brand JAC
Wheeldrive 4x2
New or Used New
Overall dimension(mm) 6120x2250x3050
Insulation box dimension(mm) 4200x2000x2000
Material of Insulation box Sanwitch structure: FRP panel + 80mm insulation + FRP panel
Refrigeration unit
China brand or Themro King Carrier -16℃~ 0 ℃
Gross weight(kg) 7360
Curb weight(kg) 2600
Load Weight(kg) 4760
Wheelbase(mm) 3360
Engine power Cummins 125HP Euro2
Fuel type DieseI
Transmission Manual 6- speed
Brake Hydraulic brake
Axle load(front/rear) 2.5T / 5.0T
Tire 6+1 pcs, 7.00R16 radial tires
Max speed 90km/h

JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck

JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck

JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck

Main structures of JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck

Different devices and configurations you can choose for your JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck

the additional items specially for JAC 5 ton 14feet reefer van cold box truck

- For cold box truck load capacity, we have 1 ton mobile freezer truck, 2~3 tons cold box truck, 3~5 tons cold box truck, 6~8 tons cold box truck, 8~10 ton cold box truck, 10~15 ton cold box truck,15-20 ton cold box truck,20-25 ton cold box truck,25-30 ton cold box truck,over 30 tons cold box truck

- For refrigerated truck brand, we have dongfeng refrigerated truck,foton refrigerated truck,isuzu refrigerated truck,howo refrigerated truck, shacman refrigerated truck,jmc refrigerated truck,jac refrigerated truck,kama refrigerated truck,iveco refrigerated truck,clw refrigerated trucks,hino refrigerated truck,benz refrigerated truck,volvo refrigerated truck,etc.

- For reefer van truck box length, we can produce from 2 meters to 16 meters long truck type or trailer type. 

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As vehicles change or emission standards upgraded, the specifications above are for reference. Please contact us for a latest quote!


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