SK-3 3m3/min water circulation vacuum pump for toilet vacuum truck

- Pump Model: SK-3
- Inspiratory capacity: 3m3/min (180m3/h)
- Vacuum: - 0.093MPa
- Rotary: 1450 rpm
- Power:5.5kW
- Purpose: for toilet truck,vacuum truck,etc
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SK-3 3m3/min water circulation vacuum pump for toilet vacuum truck
(Suitable for small vacuum septic tank truck volume from 1500 liter ~ 3000 liter)

1、 Purpose and scope of use
SK series water circulating vacuum pumps and compressors newly developed by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. are used to pump or press gases and other corrosive gases that are insoluble in water and do not contain solid particles, so as to form vacuum or pressure in sealed containers and meet the requirements of process flow. A small amount of liquid is allowed to be mixed in the inhaled or compressed gas.
SK series water circulating pumps and compressors are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, sugar, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, electronics and other industries.
Because the gas compression of this type of pump is carried out under the isothermal state in the working process, it is not easy to cause danger when pressing or pumping flammable and explosive gas, so it is more widely used.
Meaning of Pump Model Letter:   SK - 3
  • SK: water circulating
  • 3: maximum air inspiratory capacity is 3 m3/min

Main Technical Parameters:

SK Series Water Circulating Vacuum Pump & Compressor Technical Parameters

Model Inspiratory Capacity
Ultimate vacuum Power (kW) Rotary Speed
Water Consumption
Max Vacuum is -450mmHg mmHg MPa Vacuum pump Compressor Inlet Outlet
SK-3 3 2.8 - 700 - 0.093 5.5 7.5 1450 0-0.1 70 70 15-20
SK-6 6 5.4 - 710 - 0.093
11 15 1450 0-0.1
80 80 20-30
SK-9 9 8.1 - 710
- 0.093
15 22 1450 0-0.1
80 80 30-40
SK-12 12 11 - 710
- 0.093
18.5 30 970 0-0.1
80 80 40-50
SK-15 15 13.5 - 710
- 0.093
30 37 970 0-0.1
80 80 50-60

2、 Working principle
As shown in Pic (1), the impeller 3 is eccentrically installed in the pump body 2. When the impeller 3 is started, a certain amount of high temperature water is injected into the pump. Therefore, when the impeller 3 rotates, the water forms a water ring 5 on the inner wall of the pump body under the centrifugal force. The upper inner surface of the water ring is tangent to the hub and rotates in the direction of the arrow. During the first half of the rotation, the inner surface of the water ring is separated from the hub. Therefore, a closed space is formed between the impeller blades and the water ring. With the rotation of the impeller, The space is gradually expanded, the space gas compression is reduced, and the gas is sucked into the space. During the second half turn, the inner surface of the water ring is gradually close to the hub, the space between the blades is gradually reduced, and the space gas pressure is increased. When the pressure is higher than the exhaust outlet pressure, the gas between the blades is discharged. In this way, the space between the blades will suck and exhaust once every week of impeller transfer. Many spaces will work continuously, and the pump will continuously suck and compress gas.
During the working process, the work will generate heat, which will heat the working water ring, and some water and gas will be discharged together. Therefore, during the working process, the pump must be continuously supplied with water to cool and supplement the water consumed in the pump to meet the working requirements of the pump.
When the gas discharged from the pump is no longer used, a water separator (a water tank can be made to replace it) is connected to the exhaust end of the pump. After the waste gas and part of the water carried are discharged into the gas water separator, the gas is separated from the water, and the gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe. The water left is supplied to the pump through the return pipe for continuous use. With the extension of the working time, the working temperature will continue to rise. At this time, a certain amount of cold water (tap water) needs to be supplied from the water supply of the steam water separator, The reduced working water temperature ensures that the pump can meet the requirements and performance indicators.

When used as a compressor, the pump exhaust port is connected with steam water separation steam. The steam water mixture enters the water separator and is automatically separated. The gas is delivered to the required system through the exhaust pipe, and the working water is discharged through the automatic overflow switch. When the gas is compressed, the working water is very easy to heat. The water is discharged from the pump outlet and the temperature will become higher. Therefore, at the bottom of the steam water separator, cold water should be continuously supplied to supplement the hot water that is discharged, At the same time, it plays a cooling role, so that the working water temperature will not be too high, so as to ensure the compressor performance, meet the technical indicators and meet the process requirements.

3、 Structure Description of Vacuum Pump:

The vacum pump structure is shown in Pic 2, Pic 3

The vacuum pump is composed of pump body, two end covers, impeller and other parts. The intake pipe and exhaust pipe are connected with the pump through the suction hole and exhaust hole on the disc mounted on the end cover, and the impeller is eccentrically mounted in the pump body. The total clearance at both ends of the pump is adjusted by the pad between the pump body and the disc. The clearance between the discs on the impeller segment cover is adjusted by the impeller driven by the shaft sleeve (SK-3/6) or the back cap (SK-9/12). The clearance between the two end faces of the impeller and the disc of the end cover determines the loss and its limit pressure during the flow of gas from the air inlet to the exhaust port in the pump cavity.

The packing is installed in the covers at both ends, and the sealing water enters the packing through the small hole of the end cover. The cooling packing and sealing effect are strengthened. The make-up water required for the impeller to form the water ring is supplied by the water supply pipe, which can also be connected with the steam water separator for circulating water supply.

When the mechanical seal is used as the sealing form, the mechanical seal is installed in the packing cavity, the packing is omitted, the packing gland is replaced by the mechanical seal gland, and the other structures are the same.

The bearing is fixed to the shaft by a round nut.

The end cover is provided with a disc, which is provided with a suction hole, an exhaust hole and a rubber ball valve. The rubber ball valve is used to discharge the gas before the exhaust port when the gas pressure between the impeller blades reaches the exhaust pressure, reducing the power consumption due to excessive gas pressure and power consumption.

4、 Equipment Description

SK series water circulating vacuum pump and compressor system consists of vacuum pump (compressor), coupling, motor, steam separator and pipeline.

The working process of the vacuum pump, compressor and steam separator is as follows: the gas discharge pipeline enters the vacuum pump or compressor through the valve, and then is discharged into the steam separator through the gas guide elbow, and is discharged through the exhaust pipe of the steam separator. When it is used as a compressor, the gas water mixture discharged from the compressor is separated in the steam water separator, and the gas is transmitted to the gas system to be compressed through the valve, while the water is left in the steam water separator. In order to keep the water level of the steam water separator certain, an automatic overflow switch is installed. When the water level is higher than the required water level, the overflow switch is opened, and water overflows from the overflow pipe. When the water level is lower than the required water level, the overflow switch is closed, The water level in the steam water separator rises to the required level. The working water in the vacuum pump or compressor is supplied by the steam water separator (or tap water), and the water supply volume is adjusted by the valve on the water supply pipe.

The difference between gas suction and pressure delivery systems is that the internal structure of the steam water separator is different. When pumping gas, the pressure at the suction port is lower than atmospheric pressure, while the pressure at the exhaust port is equal to atmospheric pressure. The steam separator has only overflow pipe. When pressing gas, the pressure at the suction port is normal (or vacuum), and the pressure at the exhaust port is higher than one atmospheric pressure; In order to ensure the delivery gas pressure, the water level of the steam water separator is controlled by the overflow switch.

Suitable Fuel Tank Trucks Models for 100HYCB-100 Super Fuel Pump:

Packing & Shipping of Water Pump:

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