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Antifreeze Measures for Water Sprinkler Trucks in Winter

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Author : Chengli Technician
Update time : 2022-01-08 09:53:25


Antifreeze Measures for Water Sprinkler Trucks in Winter



In some areas, it has entered winter. The water sprinkler truck must drain the water in the water pump on the same day to prevent freezing. The water release switch is shown in the figure below! My dear customers and friends, take a look! The pump frozen broken is not included in the warranty! Specially remember!


The cleaning process of sanitation water trucks is like this. Let’s talk about the midnight sprinkling first. Our urban engineering vehicles mainly operate at night, such as concrete tankers and dump trucks to and from the construction site. There is more pollution caused by spillage on the road. , dilute the soil, generally the construction vehicle stops working when it is almost dawn, the sprinkler begins to re-wash the road, from the middle to both sides, the pollutants are washed to the roadside, the road sweeper sweeps along the roadside to collect the pollutants, and the dawn is completed. cleaning job. The roads seen during the day are very clean and do not affect traffic. Not to mention the rain. It really saves water when it rains and washes the road, saving time and effort. Especially when it is windy and rainy, the road is washed by water everywhere or the wind blows over the road, so high-pressure water has to be used to hit the roadside, and then a road sweeper is used to clean it and collect it. Please understand the sanitation cleaning operation, this is the sanitation water sprinkler truck operation process.

(ISUZU 10000 liter Water Sprinkler Truck)