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Which is better, straight arm truck crane or folding arm truck crane?

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Author : Eason
Update time : 2022-01-18 20:18:06

Which is better, straight arm truck crane or folding arm truck crane? 

(ISUZU 6x4 Boom Truck Mounted 14 Tons Crane)

When many crane user friends buy truck cranes, they don't know whether to choose the straight arm or the folding arm. In fact, here Eason think people still needs to first understand the performance of straight arm and folding arm truck cranes, and which truck crane is suitable for the working environment in your area. Below, Eason gives you some suggestions for your reference.

(Dongfeng T5 6x4 Truck Mounted XCMG 10 Tons Crane)

The working efficiency of the knuckle boom truck crane: stretch work through multiple hydraulic cylinders. It has a device similar to an articulated arm manipulator, and can be equipped with tools such as empty work platforms, work buckets, fixtures, gondolas, plate forks, various grippers, augers, tire loading manipulators and pile pullers, etc., to complete the action quickly, high working efficiency;

(JMC 4x2 double cabin truck mounted xcmg 2 tons articulated crane)

The space occupied by the folding arm truck crane: the folding arm can shrink the entire boom when transporting goods, and the occupied space is relatively smaller; because of the compact structure, and the complex structure of the folding arm, the precision requirements are high, and the price is relatively high. Its structure determines that it is suitable for relatively small working environments such as factory warehouses.

(SHACMAN 6x6 tractor head mounted XCMG 14 tons knuckle crane)

The folding arm truck crane is actually most used in the southern region, especially in the coastal areas of Guangdong. After all, the folding arm can be expanded for a variety of purposes, and the space utilization rate will be higher, but the corresponding total price is definitely more expensive than the straight arm truck mounted crane. In addition, because there are not many applications of the folding arm crane, the post-sale service is definitely not as convenient as the straight arm crane.

(HOWO boom truck with XCMG 5 tons crane)

Straight-arm truck-mounted crane: Strictly control the take-off and landing of suspended objects through telescopic methods. It is also possible to expand the working depth and make the working radius larger by placing a long wire rope. The straight arm structure is relatively simple, which can disperse the axle load of the whole vehicle, and the center of gravity is far away from the installation position, especially when lifting heavy objects, it is easier to disperse the axle load of the chassis.

(Dongfeng 4x2 flatbed truck with 3.5 tons crane)

Summary: The straight-arm truck-mounted crane has a simple structure and is easy to handle, and the total price is dominant; the folding-arm crane works more efficiently and more accurately, can expand the business width, and is more flexible in dealing with small spaces, but the total cost is high, and the accessories are expensive. Whether it is a straight arm or a folding arm truck crane has its own market, the right one is the best.