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Chengli Automobile Group & Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Import and Export Company & Import and Export Business Exchange Conference was held in Xi'an

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Author : CLW GROUP
Update time : 2021-09-24 21:17:00

On September 23, Cheng Aluo, general manager of Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd., visited Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Company for business exchanges and had a discussion with Tian Chao, general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Company.

During the discussion, the two parties introduced their respective overseas business conditions and conducted in-depth exchanges on the next step of cooperation mode.

Tian Chao pointed out that with the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, the demand for Chinese trucks in foreign markets during the 14th Five-Year Plan period has become stronger and stronger. Shaanxi Automobile has accelerated its deployment in terms of products and after-sales guarantees. In the future, it hopes to have in-depth cooperation with partners for common development.

Cheng Aluo pointed out that Chengli has its own unique advantages in special vehicles, such as water truck, garbage truck, sewage suction truck, dump truck, truck mounted crane, fuel truck, fire truck, ambulance, road sweeper, selfloading flatbed truck, concrete mixer, semi trailer, etc.. In the future, he hopes to cooperate in-depth with Shaanxi Automobile in the international market to speed up the promotion of Shaanxi Automobile's chassis.


Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Import and Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Auto Import and Export Company) is funded and established by Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd., a Fortune 500 company in China. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck International Trading Company. Acting for the import and export of various commodities and technologies, environmental protection and automobile science and technology development, achievement transfer, consulting services, international and domestic bidding agency, etc. The import and export company was established on April 24, 2006, with a registered capital of 15 million yuan and nearly 300 employees.


Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd., as China’s largest manufacturer of special purpose vehicles and one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, has three largest factories in Asia with a total area of ​​more than 1,000 acres and more than 8,000 employees. It produces various special purpose vehicles annually. The company has 50,000 vehicles, 20,000 commercial vehicle chassis, 10,000 new energy vehicles, annual output value of 7.5 billion yuan, and foreign trade exports of 30 million U.S. dollars. The company continues to deepen technology research and development and seek cooperation at home and abroad. The company's development is getting better and better.


Through the discussion, the two parties reached a consensus, complemented each other's advantages, cooperated for a win-win situation, and went to sea in a group.


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