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Do you know Dongfeng "153" means what? Here is good sample for Dongfeng 153 10 tons dump truck

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Update time : 2022-03-12 20:50:56

Do you know Dongfeng "153" means what? Here is good sample for Dongfeng 153 10 tons dump truck.


Dongfeng 153 10 ton dump truck


”Dongfeng 153“ is Dongfeng EQ153, which is an 8 ~ 10 ton flat-cabin diesel vehicle launched by Dongfeng Motor Corporation. It adopts Cummins engine. It is a truck jointly developed by Dongfeng Corporation and Japanese and independently designed by Dongfeng Corporation.


In the early 1990s, Dongfeng Motor Corporation launched the EQ153 eight-ton flat-head diesel truck (referred to as "Baping Chai"), which was first developed by Dongfeng Motor Corporation in 1989 by introducing Japanese diesel technology and put it on the market in 1991. , it is one of the key products during the National "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period, and it is also an example developed by Dongfeng Motor Corporation by combining its own design with the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign technologies.

Dongfeng 153 10 ton dump truck


The launch of the EQ153 transformed Dongfeng trucks from long-head trucks to flat-head trucks, meeting the needs of the domestic heavy-duty truck market in the early 1990s and marking the entry of Cummins automotive engines into the Chinese market. At that time, Cummins B series engines were assembled in batches. Because this model was the first in China to use a turbocharger, it was especially suitable for the driving conditions in the plateau area. It also made Dongfeng win trucks in the southwest, northwest and other plateau areas in the early 1990s. The market became a banner of the Chinese truck industry at that time, adhering to the consistent quality of Dongfeng, pushing the domestic trucks to the top again.

Dongfeng 153 10 ton dump truck


Today, the military personnel carriers, trucks and special vehicles in China and some foreign countries still use the Dongfeng 153 model as the main model.

Dongfeng 153 10 ton dump truck


Many foreign clients, especially the old generations who knows dongfeng 153, still likes its classic large wide cabin and appearance, heavy load capacity, powerful cummins engine, low fuel consumption, etc.  And dongfeng 153 model is also one of the most hot sales vehicle models for exporting, no matter dump truck,water truck,lorry,van truck,garbage truck,fire truck,etc.  Because its price very cheap, but engine, transmission, axle, and other configurations still very nice, and so loved by domestic and overseas clients. 


Do you like Dongfeng 153 vehicle?