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Export Order:6 units ISUZU 5000 liter Stainless Steel Drinking Water Lorry Trucks

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2022-10-19 21:36:01
Export Order:6 units ISUZU 5000 liter stainless steel drinking water lorry trucks, these 6 units ISUZU 5000 liter drinking water trucks will be soon used to deliver clean potable water to rural areas,arid areas providing clean water to local people,solve the problem of watershortage,  the truck photos, chassis parameters, upper structure parameters and product details page.
1. Truck Photos:
2. Chassis Parameters:
ISUZU 5000 liter stainless steel drinking water trucks adapts ISUZU 600P(NQR) cab chassis, 4x2(with 4x4 off road option) wheel drive, brand new, engine:4KH1CN5LS(130HP), single cab, front axle:2.5 ton, rear axle:4.8 ton, manual 5-speed transmision, 7.00R16 tires, with air conditioning, power assist steering, etc.

3. Upper Structure Parameters:
5000 liter water tank volume, food grade stainless steel 304-2B material made, with stainless steel pipeline/valves/manhole cover, with stainless steel water pump, and also including water spraying functions, front/rear/side spray nozzles, water spray range 12-16 meter, water cannon jet 28-35 meter.