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Central Asian Customer Purchased SHACMAN L3000 Euro5 12000 liter Water Truck

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2022-10-19 21:20:14
Central Asian customer purchased SHACMAN L3000 Euro5 12000 liter water truck once again, Truck Photos, Chassis Parameters, Upper Structure Parameters and Product Detail Page.
1. Truck Photos:
2. Chassis Parameters:
SHACMAN L3000 Euro5 12000 liter Water Truck adapts SHACMAN brand cab chassis, L3000  middle-long flat-roof cabin, with a sleeper bed, 4x2 wheeldrive, LHD(with RHD option), engine: WP6.240E50 (240HP), 4500mm wheelbase, Shaanxi Fast brand 8-speed transmission, air brake, front axle: 4.8 ton, rear axle: 10 ton, power assisted steering, 10.00R20 radial tire, with one spare tire, with air conditioning, 200L fuel tank, etc.

3. Upper Structure Parameters:
Water tank body volume 12000 liter, carbon steel(can choose Stainless Steel 304), 60/90 large power water pump, 6m suction height, with front/rear/side spraying nozzles, rear platform and water cannon,  water spray distance 12-16 meter, water cannon jet distance 28-35 meter, with manhole, ladder, 2 pcs water hose 3m x DN65, fire hydrant joint. 

4. Product Details Page:
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