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How to Choose the Right Way to Buy a Refrigerated Truck without Detours!

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Refrigerated truck chassis brand classification


Refrigerated Truck Chassis Brands are divided into: Foton, Dongfeng, Jiefang FAW, JAC, Sinotruk HOWO, Isuzu, JMC and other special chassis for refrigerated trucks. So how do you choose the chassis that suits you?


The Foton chassis is suitable for use in North China. Foton is produced in Zhucheng, Shandong. The engine can select from Cummins, which is suitable for high-speed running, fuel-efficient and has few problems. Dongfeng is suitable for use in the south, with many after-sales service points and easy to find accessories. The Jiefang chassis is suitable for use in the north and is resistant to cold. JAC chassis is more suitable for use in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and surrounding areas. (Note: Now all major brand chassis manufacturers are equipped with after-sales service outlets all over the country, different brands of chassis, and regional limitations can be easily solved and perfected, and there is no need to pay attention to the regional problems of chassis brands)


For foreign customers, if you need to buy a refrigerated truck, the first is to consider about where to do the repair and maintenenace, then the spare parts and services. If there is any Chinese chassis brand in your country or in your area, that would be perfect for you to buy that brand chassis. 


The relationship between chassis engine displacement, horsepower, torque and speed



The chassis engine determines the walking ability of the refrigerated truck, so it is called the heart of the refrigerated truck. The choice of the chassis is mainly based on the tonnage of the goods to be loaded, and the different transportation routes to choose accordingly.


The displacement of the car chassis is the volume of the engine cylinder, and the horsepower is the power of the engine × 1.36. The displacement is not equal to the horsepower, and the horsepower is not equal to the output to the wheels. The more power, the more horsepower. Usually the displacement is large, and the energy released by the engine per unit time (that is, the chemical energy of the fuel is converted into machinery) is large, that is, the "dynamic performance" is good. The power performance of the vehicle is also closely related to the power output of the engine and the matching between the engine and gearbox. In the case of the same engine, the power performance of the small-displacement vehicle will be lost, but in terms of performance, the small-displacement vehicle will lose its power. It's not necessarily worse than a big displacement car.


Torque refers to the average torque output from the crankshaft end when the engine is running, commonly known as the "rotational force" of the engine, which is an important parameter of engine performance. Faster, the better the vehicle's climbing ability, starting speed and acceleration. The acceleration of the vehicle mainly depends on the torque, and the maximum speed of the vehicle is greatly affected by the horsepower. If the horsepower and displacement of the car are not much different, the parameter value of the torque can be appropriately referred to.



The level of engine speed is related to the number of times of work per unit time, or the size of the effective power of the engine, that is, the effective power of the engine changes with the speed. Therefore, when specifying the size of the effective power of the engine, its corresponding speed must be specified at the same time.


Taking the 4.2-meter blue brand refrigerated truck as a reference, under normal circumstances, the 2.8L displacement engine can suffice to pull goods under 5 tons. For goods above 5 tons, it is more powerful to choose a 3.8L displacement model. Faced with the increasing demand for power from users, both heavy and light trucks are developing towards the trend of large displacement and high horsepower. Of course, not a high-horsepower engine can solve all problems. Except for a high-horsepower engine, a rear axle with a small speed ratio will be select to achieve the best fuel efficiency. It is recommended that friends consider their actual operational needs when buying a car, instead of spending unnecessary money blindly pursuing high horsepower and large displacement.


Advantages and disadvantages of each brand of engine


Cummins: American technology, low sound, high engine running speed, durable, not easy to cause problems, expensive, high oil requirements, high maintenance cost, high speed and fuel saving, especially suitable for plain and highway use, suitable for standard load, For heavy lifting work, it is necessary to choose a large displacement and high horsepower configuration.


ISUZU: Japanese technology, excellent technology, solid quality, economical fuel consumption, worry-free, and the choice for not carrying much cargo, more suitable for light trucks and light loads.


Weichai: Powerful, large torque, long life, high reliability, choose Weichai for heavy load, it has advantages in displacement and cylinder diameter, can meet the needs of climbing and heavy load, and has a high noise.


Yuchai: Low engine noise, high horsepower, low fuel consumption, high torque, easy maintenance, low price, suitable for mountain roads, construction sites, slow product replacement, low emission standards, more suitable for construction vehicles.


Chaochai: High horsepower, cheap maintenance, mature technology, loud noise, high engine idle speed, suitable for small tonnage models.


Yunnei: Sturdy, durable, economical, high engine water temperature, the king of domestic small engines, 4-cylinder engine has more advantages, more suitable for mountain roads, Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan areas.



Choose Cummins for plain high-speed, Weichai for heavy-duty climbing, light-duty and light-duty for urban short-distance trucks. (The above is purely personal opinion. The driving habits of the public are different, and the maintenance methods are different. Each has its own eyes. If it is not, please add it.)


Refrigerated compartment body technology


The high-quality refrigerated car body adopts the advanced technology of broken bridge heat insulation + wood technology (keel connection is embedded with environmentally friendly waterproof wood for heat preservation and corrosion resistance), and broken bridge heat insulation technology.


The box board is formed by galvanized pipe frame and environmental protection waterproof wood board at one time, and the middle 80mm thick insulation board is filled (the thickness of the insulation board is standard 80mm, 60mm, 100mm can also be select), and the inner and outer wall panels are made of thickened 3.0 glass fiber reinforced plastic, (optional Stainless steel, color steel plate, aluminum alloy) high-strength adhesive, hot-pressed, the outer frame is made of 304 stainless steel, thickened aluminum profiles, 27 stainless steel door locks, accessories, the box is spliced ​​out without glue and no gaps, cooling Fast speed, slow heat dissipation, good thermal insulation effect, the door has a beveled edge, the sub-beam is folded into 910 girder steel at one time, locked with a pressure plate, and the side guard net and the rear bumper are formed at one time.


Chengli Group's high-end cold chain refrigerated truck production line is an 18-meter large-scale composite panel production line. Before the production of the platen table, the machine automatically vacuums and cleans it to ensure that the platen press is pressed and formed at one time. The production equipment and technology exceed the standards of the same industry. Light weight, high strength, no leakage, sturdy and durable, no bulging, and the thermal insulation effect can reach the national A-level standard.


Blue brand refrigerated truck:


Bread refrigerated truck (car body can be 1.5 to 3 meters)


Small van refrigerated truck (car body can be made 3 to 4 meters)


Light truck refrigerated truck (car body can be made 4 to 4.5 meters)


Yellow card refrigerated truck:


Medium-sized van refrigerated truck (car body can be made 5-6.8 meters)


Large heavy-duty van refrigerated truck (car body can be 7-9.6 meters)


Semi-trailer refrigerated truck (car body can be made 13-15 meters)


Refrigerator unit selection


How to choose a refrigeration unit? First of all, it is necessary to understand the working principle of refrigeration. In simple terms, it is the same as the principle of household air conditioners. It is divided into internal and external units, compressors, and the general industry standard is divided into non-independent units and independent units.


The non-independent unit relies on the vehicle engine to install the compressor for refrigeration, the system structure is simple, the vehicle engine provides power, and the price is cheap. A non-independent refrigerator can be select for the car body below 7 meters. The non-independent refrigeration unit is more suitable for short-distance transportation in cities and towns, and is suitable for goods with low temperature fluctuations. It can be equipped with an external power supply for the electrical system. When the chassis engine does not work or fails, The activated second cooling power source can be used as a temporary cooling solution to solve some unexpected situations.


Independent refrigeration units are imported units with built-in engine to provide power, sufficient power, stable working temperature, high unit price, and more complicated maintenance than non-independent units. For models over 7 meters, long-distance transportation, independent refrigeration units are more suitable for long-distance transportation. Even if the operation is stopped due to engine failure, the independent refrigeration unit can still refrigerate normally, ensuring the quality and safety of the transported goods.


Refrigeration units can be domestic or imported. Imported refrigeration units include American Cold King, American Carrier, South Korea Asiana, Italian K brand and other brands. Domestic refrigeration units include Hunan Kelly, Shanghai Songhan, Wuhan Hanxue, Zhengzhou Kaixue, Henan Huatai and other well-known brands.


Different goods have different temperature requirements, and the corresponding cooling power is also different. The temperature of the conventional refrigeration unit is -5 degrees (preservation: generally suitable for holding fruits and vegetables, milk, medicines and other heat preservation and refrigeration goods) -15 degrees (freezing: suitable for ice cream, frozen goods such as pork and frozen products).



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