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BYD T8 Pure Electric Water Sprinkler Truck

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Author : ChengLi Company
Update time : 2022-02-10 12:18:47

BYD T8 pure electric water sprinkler truck is a green sprinkler produced with BYD T8 cab pure electric original chassis. The vehicle is luxuriously equipped and comfortable to drive; tank volume: 11 cubic meters, fully automatic front flushing, rear spraying, side spraying , The rear platform anti-aircraft guns are all available, and the sprinkler function can be operated with one key in the cab. The high-power special sprinkler pump is self-priming and self-discharging; the pure electric sprinkler uses electric energy, no exhaust gas is discharged during driving, and no pollution to the environment. Emissions, low vibration and noise during driving, and very quiet inside the car; pure electric sprinkler is a common model for landscaping, residential property, and urban highway maintenance.

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