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Foton Pure Electric Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck

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Author : CLW GROUP
Update time : 2022-02-12 10:05:35

Foton Pure Electric Multi-function Dust Suppression Sprayer Truck is a multi-functional dust suppression vehicle produced with Foton's new cab pure electric original chassis. Sprinkler, side spray, rear platform anti-aircraft gun, and fog gun units are all available; the sprinkler function can be operated with one key in the cab, and the high-power special sprinkler pump is self-priming and self-discharging; pure electric multi-function dust suppression vehicles There is no exhaust gas discharge, no pollution to the environment, real zero emission, low vibration and noise during driving, and very quiet inside the car; the remote spray system of the pure electric multi-function dust suppression vehicle can spray dust on roads, squares and docks, adjust Air humidity; it can also reduce dust and cool down in mining areas, demolition sites, coal yards, steel mills, etc. The product has played a significant role in coal, power generation, smelting, coalification, mining, demolition construction, highways and other industries, especially suitable for large-scale, open-air mining or storage bases for dust suppression.

Chassis motor maximum power 160kW
Battery pack rated voltage 547.2V
Battery power 297kWh
Full load cruising range 360km
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Battery brand CATL 
Recommended charging pile power 120kW
Charging time about 2 hours


The price of the whole vehicle is different because of the special components of the vehicle and the configuration of the special vehicle. You can contact us before buying truck, we will give you the most suitable model configuration and the best price according to your needs!