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Sinotruk HOWO 25 ton Hook Lift Garbage Truck with 20cbm 30cbm Hook Waste Bin

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Author : CLW GROUP
Update time : 2022-02-13 12:19:06

Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 tons hook lift garbage truck uses Sinotruk HOWO origin chassis, HW76 new flat cabin, CNHTC WD615 336HP diesel engine, 4350+1350mm wheelbase, 400L aluminum fuel tank, HW19710 10-speed transmission, full air brake, HF7 front axle, ST16 double mounted reduction axle, ratio 4.85, 295/80R22.5 tires, with spare tire, air conditioning, etc. 


Sinotruk HOWO 25 ton HOWO 6x4 25 tons hook lift waste truck Superstructure Configuration:


Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 tons hook lift garbage truck adopts a square-structured boom. The whole vehicle is beautiful and elegant. It can be equipped with multiple waste bins in one truck, and multiple garbage bins can be placed in each garbage point. It has self-unloading function, hydraulic operation, and convenient dumping. environment work. The original locking device can not only effectively fix the garbage box in transit, but also facilitate the unloading of garbage. The tail of the garbage bin is affixed with a reflective logo to ensure the safety of the operators, and it can also allow vehicles and pedestrians to discover the garbage bin in time to prevent accidents. The box body of Sinotruk HOWO hooklift garbage truck adopts high-quality carbon steel plate fully sealed welded structure, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight, and no secondary pollution; Sinotruk HOWO hooklift trash truck has a high degree of automation and can be integrated with electronic control. It can also be installed with a video operating system; the three-position four-way electromagnetic reversing valve imported from Italy can be selected, and the operating system is more advanced and reliable. Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 tons hook lift waste truck; Performance is more advanced.

Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 ton Hook Lift Garbage Truck


Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 ton Hook Lift Garbage Truck


Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 ton Hook Lift Garbage Truck


Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 ton Hook Lift Garbage Truck Technological Features:


Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 tons hook lift waste truck has two functions of self-unloading of goods and automatic loading and unloading of boxes (that is, whole loading and unloading); the locking frame mechanism is set on the overturn frame, and the locking function is realized by the action of the hydraulic cylinder; the hydraulic cylinder The action adopts manual hydraulic multi-way valve control and electronic control control, and the hydraulic multi-way valve controls the action of the oil cylinder. The operation is simple and reliable, and it is easy to maintain; the hydraulic system is composed of oil tank oil pump, multi-way reversing valve, one-way throttle valve, oil cylinder, oil pipe, etc. The functions of its special devices are all powered by the automobile engine, and are manually or electronically controlled by the hydraulic mechanism. accomplish.

Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 25 Tons Hook Lift Waste Truck Performance Characteristics:


1. Multiple waste bins for one car, cyclic transportation, low cost.


2. The vehicle adopts a support device. When loading and unloading the box, the rear axle of the oil cylinder is supported to effectively prevent the head of the vehicle from tilting.


3. High reliability. The main hydraulic and electrical components adopt imported brands to ensure the reliability of the system. The hydraulic oil temperature automatic cooling and heating system ensures the reliability of the system under various harsh working conditions and harsh environments. ;High degree of automation, self-locking and alarm functions in many places, to ensure safe operation of operators.


Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 20 cubic meters bin hook arm garbage truck is mainly used in mobile compression garbage station. Responsible for the collection and transfer of garbage. One car can be responsible for the transfer of multiple garbage stations.


Garbage Truck Waste Truck Trash Truck Series are also known as detachable compartment garbage trucks, hooklift truck, hook lift trash truck and hook arm garbage trucks. The high-tech design can swing the hook arm, and one car can carry multiple large carriages, which is convenient for loading and unloading, realizes the secondary hoisting of the carriage and makes the mechanism labor-saving, has the advantages of simple structure, stable and convenient operation, high-efficiency loading and unloading, and labor saving. The hook-arm garbage truck can be equipped with several garbage transfer boxes according to user requirements. The transfer box can be used as a simple, beautiful and environmentally friendly waste transfer station, which maximizes the efficiency of the vehicle. Mainly used in schools, factories, logistics parks, streets, rural areas, communities, etc. to collect domestic garbage and scattered garbage.