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How to choose an aerial work truck? What aspects need to be paid attention to?

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2022-02-19 18:13:53

Aerial work platform trucks are equipment that transports staff people and equipment to a certain height for operation. When choosing, you need to pay attention to safety and reliability. In recent years, our country's aerial bucket truck have developed in a variety of ways, and their application scope has become wider and wider. There are many problems in the work truck to produce a 16-meter aerial work truck. Let me introduce to you how to choose an aerial work truck? What aspects need to be paid attention to?


Choose From Safety Features


The most important thing for aerial work is safety. As a tool for aerial work, its safety performance is self-evident. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to choose the height of the vehicle, the angle of rotation, the size of the platform, the control method, etc., if necessary, more It is good to choose Chengli customized aerial work vehicles. Chengli is a company specializing in aerial basket truck. It has a professional design team, which can well meet the needs of enterprise who needs aerial work trucks.



Choose from the Strength of the Manufacturer



Now there is a relatively mature system for aerial work trucks, buyers can choose according to the strength of the manufacturer, and powerful brands have comprehensive guarantees from product quality to after-sales system. Judging from the current market feedback, ChengLi is in the They have done a good job in all aspects, and can design and develop aerial work platform truck according to the needs of enterprises to escort aerial work.


Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd is China Top 500 Private Enterprises, the comprehensive strength is among the best in the country, with a complete product system, straight arm aerial work vehicles, folding arm aerial truck, insulated aerial bucket truck, scissor lifting platform vehicles, moving ladder trucks, etc. The working height ranges from 6 meters to 45 meters, which can meet different requirements. According to the different needs of customers, the products are well received at home and abroad.



Chengli is a well-known manufacturer of aerial work trucks. It has high sales volume and good reputation in both market sales and after-sales. It is mainly used in infrastructure, real estate, mining, airport construction, etc. Chengli CLW aerial work bucket trucks have various styles. , the quotation is transparent, and the automation and intelligence are high, which can help enterprises reduce human and material resources and improve work efficiency.