SHACMAN 15m3 Washing Road Sweeper Truck

- SHACMAN 4x2 Washing Road Sweeper Trruck
- 210HP Euro2 engine
- 10.00R20 radial tire
- 8cbm dust tank + 7cbm water tank
- Sweeping width 3.45 meters
- Suction garbage maximum size is DN120mm
- Usage site: street, factory, community, airport, etc.

【Chassis Parameters】

SHACMAN L3000 semi-floating cab, WEICHAI 210HP Euro2 dieseI engine, Shaanxi Fast 8-speed gearbox, 5000mm wheelbase, 5t front axle, 10t rear axle, electric windows, central lock, hydraulic main seat, original air conditioner, 200L fuel tank , 870*250 (7+4) double-layer frame, 10.00R20 tires.


【Upper Structure Parameters】

Chengli wash road sweeper truck adopts the operation device arrangement of "two vertical sweeps in the middle + wide suction nozzle in the middle (built-in high-pressure spray bar) + middle-placed high-pressure side spray bar", the auxiliary engine is Cummins 140 horsepower, Sanyo Motor, German high-pressure water pump ( Front flushing/side spraying/middle spraying/rear spraying/side flushing vehicle water gun/garbage bin self-cleaning device), universal high-pressure curb cleaning, low-pressure pump forward flushing, stainless steel water tank, garbage can, stainless steel high-pressure pipeline, reversing and washing Sweeping status indoor monitor, 18 meters high pressure washing reel, cleaning width 3.5 meters, high pressure washing height ≥ 21 meters. It has various operation functions such as road sweeping, road scrubbing, high pressure cleaning, curb scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recycling, high pressure spraying and road separation wall cleaning. Dongfeng Duolika washing and sweeping truck has built-in long-row high-pressure water spray boom with small ground clearance and high impact force of water flow, which can directly send sewage to the suction port, with less splash during operation and high sewage suction rate. And according to the road sewage conditions, adjust the long row of nozzles to the road surface flushing angle, so that the cleaning effect is better.


Model CLW5180TSLSX2
Chassis brand SHACMAN
New or Used New
Overall dimension 8605x2500x3450mm
Gross weight 18000kg
Curb weight 10800kg
Load 7200kg
Wheelbase 5000mm
Engine power WEICHAI 210HP Euro2
Fuel type DieseI
Transmission Manual, Shaanxi Fast 8-speed
Brake air brake
Axle load 5 tons / 10tons
Tire 6+1 pcs, 10.00R20 radial tires
Max speed 90km/h
Tank Body Dust tank 8 cbm, stainless steel tank
Water tank 7 cbm, stainless steel
Sweeping system
Sweeping brush disc Per side 1 pcs, total 2 pcs
High pressure jetting rack Two sets, with 6-8 pcs cleaning nozzles
Dust suction plate Under rear of truck, with 2 suction inlet
Free maintenance fan machine Powerful fan machine to provide suction pressure
Auxuliary engine Cummins 140HP auxuliary engine
Motor Sanyang motor
Control switch Schneider control switch
Solenoid valve Hyprius solenoid valve group
Hydraulic oil pump Changyuan
Water pump Xinshanxi
LED arrow lights Two pcs at rear of truck
Maximum Sweeping Width 3.5 meters
Maximum suction garbage size DN120 mm
Maximum sweeping capacity 68,000 m2/h
Driving speed when working 0-30 km/h


Road Sweeper Truck Details Images】


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