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Dongfeng Mengshi civilian special vehicle collection, everything you want to know is here

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2022-06-02 15:14:52
While committed to consolidating the leading edge of the No. 1 brand of military vehicles, Dongfeng Mengshi has developed a new generation of Dongfeng Mengshi civilian version products by integrating the army with the people and promoting the people with the military.
The civilian version of Dongfeng Mengshi serves the fields of emergency response such as fire emergency, public security special p0lice, and medical and health care, as well as field operations such as communication infrastructure, geological exploration, and scientific research and exploration. In addition to inheriting the technology of military vehicles, the civilian version of Dongfeng Warriors also inherits changeable characteristics, and there are different models for different fields.
There are two basic types of cars: single-row and double-row. They are all modified with Dongfeng Mengshi M50 chassis, adhering to Dongfeng military quality standards, the maximum speed of full load is 120km per hour, the maximum mileage exceeds 600km, the maximum climbing height reaches 60%, and the maximum wading depth is 1.2 meters. work normally.
Dongfeng Mengshi Double Cabin Lorry
Dongfeng Mengshi Single Cabin Lorry

In addition to the basic models, there are more extended models for the civilian version of Dongfeng Warriors in different fields. In addition to sharing the chassis characteristics of Dongfeng Mengshi M50, these extended models also have more exclusive functions.

Low-roof inspection vehicle

High-roof inspection vehicle

Dongfeng Mengshi inspection vehicle, the middle roof can take 4-6 people, and the low roof can take 4 people. Dongfeng Mengshi's first civilian M50 is used for vehicle modification. This model can be used in most field fields, and can be equipped with different emergency or field operation equipment according to application scenarios.

Dongfeng Mengshi communication command vehicle

This model is mainly used in emergency fire fighting, petrochemical, public security, communications, etc. The car is equipped with dual-mode satellite communication system, public network communication system, Tiantong satellite communication system, private network communication system, and Tiantong satellite mobile phone, which can realize mutual calls with Tiantong mobile phone, mobile phone and pstn fixed line. Intercommunication. Using the IP distributed audio and video system, the command center can call all high-definition video sources in the communication vehicle, improving the efficiency of emergency command. The vehicle is also equipped with a UAV communication system, which can be equipped with a tethered ground station to achieve uninterrupted work at high altitude for more than 12 hours.

(Left: Dongfeng Mengshi embankment danger detection equipment Middle: Dongfeng Mengshi communication command vehicle Right: Dongfeng Mengshi comprehensive emergency rescue vehicle)

This model is specially used for the daily "physical examination" of the embankment project, and can carry out high-density emergency inspections during the flood season. The car is a sub-mother car, a command car plus a group of unmanned vehicles.

Equipped with a towed high-resolution transient electromagnetic detection system and a multi-channel vehicle-mounted ground penetrating radar, it can detect hidden dangers inside the embankment. Equipped with an integrated mobile 3D measurement system, it can quickly obtain high-precision positioning and attitude data, high-density 3D point cloud and high-definition continuous panoramic image data during the high-speed movement of the carrier. External panoramic monitoring, four-way simultaneous video recording. The hidden dangers outside the embankment can be detected.

This model is a model for emergency firefighting. It is suitable for emergency response to various sudden fires in key places such as party and government organs, airports, oil depots, and power stations. It is also suitable for various rescue and disaster relief scenarios. The whole vehicle is integrated with emergency equipment, and has functions such as power supply and water supply, mobile lighting, real-time video recording, and water mist fire extinguishing, so as to fully meet the needs of emergency operations. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with a Mesh communication vehicle visualization system. Its UAV mesh self-organization network can reach a maximum single hop of 10km. With the combination of individual mesh communication, it can quickly build a reliable wireless link in complex environments. The roof is equipped with a high-definition camera, which can realize functions such as real-time monitoring, accident scene camera evidence collection, and real-time 4/5G image transmission.

The model also participated in the "Yunquan Emergency 2022" exercise not long ago, and performed well in the earthquake rescue exercise.
Dongfeng Mengshi fire rescue communication pilot vehicle
This model is equipped with a 4G private network communication system, a satellite communication system in motion, and a video conference system. This model is mainly used in rescue scenarios with harsh environments and urgent tasks. Establish a real-time two-way information transmission channel for the service site and the command center, provide on-site visual information for the command center, and realize remote consultation and remote command and dispatch between the service site and the command center.

(The left is the forward communication pilot vehicle, and the right is the communication command vehicle)

The model was delivered to the Fire Rescue Detachment of Shiyan City, Hubei Province not long ago.

Ambulance, as the name suggests, is used for emergency rescue. The top of the carriage is closed and cannot be opened. The front of the car can be equipped with an optional LED display, different styles of pedals can be installed on the left and right sides of the cab, and stretched pedals can be installed under the right side door. Different internal styles of medical equipment cabinets, stretchers, seat arrangements, etc. can be selected. The side protection of the car is a skirt structure, the left and right sides are 470mm above the ground, the rear protection section size is 100x50mm, and the ground clearance is 490mm. Vehicles are equipped with warning lights, sirens, medical equipment, stretchers and other special equipment for ambulances. Dongfeng Mengshi can adapt ambulances to more extreme environments.

Dongfeng Mengshi M50 anti-riot vehicle is a model produced for the public security and p0lice departments. It can be used for daily patrols, regional stability maintenance, troop transport and assault, communication command, service support, and firepower strikes. The front windshield and side windows are all bulletproof reinforced glass. The four doors on both sides are equipped with bulletproof armor, and the rear side of the cockpit is an integral bulletproof wall. Effectively protect the safety of passengers.

This is a real black technology model. It has high physical lightning protection facilities, long-lasting small-volume reconnaissance drones, 4G/5G public network transmission, Mesh private network combined transmission, AI panoramic high-point gaze recognition system and integration of drone detection and countermeasures system. The key point defense vehicle comprehensively integrates the key point short-range air defense system, which can carry out reconnaissance and early warning, precise tracking, electronic interference and strikes against UAVs, model aircraft, air balloons, Kongming lanterns, kites and other flying objects in the defense zone. It is mainly used in the protection of key places such as party and government offices, airports, important meetings, oil depots, nuclear power plants, and large-scale gatherings. Its advantage over stationary defense equipment is that it can conduct patrol defenses. In the anti-terrorist combat drills in 2021 and 2022, the model accurately tracked, positioned and shot down several drones.

This is a model that inherits the excellent off-road performance, mobility and reliability of the military vehicle warriors. Equipped with an off-road vehicle-mounted short-range laser defense system for intercepting, blinding, and damaging "low, slow, and small" targets, it can detect, capture, and track "low, slow, and small" targets in 3km airspace in real time, and can accurately perform within seconds. Interfering, suppressing, wounding and destroying, to achieve the purpose of clearance protection and defense. It can be applied to the short-range security protection requirements of core key departments (such as head offices, key parts), airports, oil depots, nuclear power plants, important military targets, border posts, large-scale important event sites and other important places. The system logistics support requirements are low, and it has the ability to work independently and network.

In 2021 and 2022, the model has performed well in various actual combat drills and exhibition activities. In the "anti-nothing" subject of the counter-terrorism drill in Shiyan City, the model accurately intercepted fixed-wing UAVs, rotary-wing UAVs and airborne balloons and other targets within more than 10 seconds, which is accurate, fast and effective. Variety warriors, professional focus! In addition to the current mature models, the civilian version of Dongfeng Warriors is also actively developing more models to serve different industries. Let us look forward to seeing more warriors with you! Sales Hotline: +008618307220638.