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Why is ISUZU FVR 14m3 Garbage Compactor Truck So Popular?

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2022-08-08 21:45:22
Today we are going to introduce you a very popular and high quality garbage compactor truck: ISUZU FVR 14m3 Garbage Compactor Truck. It adapts Qingling ISUZU FVR cab chassis, equipped with ISUZU 6HK1 240HP Euro5 diesel engine, powerful enough for all terrain, matched with ISUZU MLD 6 speed transmission, reasonable and strong power output; ISUZU FVR garbage compactor truck with 14m3 large compactor body,over 20 tons compressing breaking force, easy for life trash. 

The whole ISUZU FVR garbage compactor truck is green color,very beautiful and nice look. But also we provide other color selections for our clients such as white, black, red, orange, blue, etc. And also can customized different color combination solutions. 

Upper loading configuration of ISUZU FVR garbage compactor truck: box volume 14 square, curved box (with side beam), Xiamen Yinhua oil cylinder, Yangzhou Zhongmei multi-way valve, Changyuan hydraulic oil pump (single pump), filler lifting oil cylinder;
Garbage compactor truck with two-way balance valve (spool imported from Italy), CAN bus electronic control system (using photoelectric switch, with one-key operation, and manual operation two control methods).
There are two operation boxes in total (operable inside the cab and on the right side of the rear tail, and an emergency stop switch is installed on the left side of the filler), and a sewage tank at the standard lower part of the rear filler (welded as a whole with the filler). ISUZU FVR garbage compactor truck.
There is a sewage tank on one side of the chassis frame ISUZU FVR garbage compactor truck. There is a barrel turning mechanism at the rear of the filler, which can hang 2 240L plastic trash cans and 1 660L trash can. The turning mechanism can also be customized according to customer requirements, and a work light is installed above the filler.
For more details, you can check the product of ISUZU FVR garbage compactor truck page to know more detail parameters and details. Thanks for reading. See you next chapter.