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What is milk truck? The function and characteristics of the milk transporter are described in detail

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2022-08-20 16:23:52
Fresh milk truck, also known as milk tanker, milk transporter, liquid food transporter, edible oil transporter, etc., is a vehicle for transporting fresh liquid milk and edible oil. The fresh milk produced by traditional methods has to go through many links from the pasture to the processing plant, one of which is the transportation link. Because of its specific properties, fresh milk is liquid, easy to precipitate, and perishable, so the transportation tool needs a tank container, which does not react with fresh milk.

Dongfeng fresh milk transporter is a special tank truck specially used for long-distance transportation of liquid fresh milk. The tank body of this truck is made of food-grade stainless steel plate. No acute angle, generally need to add cip (cleaning device) in each milk tank, the models include bicycles and trailers.

The tank body of the fresh milk transporter is divided into three layers as a whole. The inner tank of the tank is made of 304/2B food grade stainless steel, the thickness of the plate is 3-4mm, and the middle part is polyurethane foam insulation with a thickness of 80mm. The area is 100-120mm, and the polyurethane foam of the semi-hanging manhole is 60mm thick. The heat preservation effect is ±2-3℃ in 24 hours. The outside of the tank is 2mm thick 304 stainless steel plate. The inner tank part has cleaning device, cleaning rod (or cleaning ball); cleaning pipe (Φ38mm), four or more rotating cleaning nozzles, external water pipe, and the tank inner tank can be automatically cleaned with a little pressure.

Sinotruk Howo four-wheel drive fresh milk transporter chassis configuration: Howo four-wheel drive chassis, HW76 cab, WD615 engine, 266 horsepower, Sinotruk 10-speed gearbox, transfer case, 295/80R22.5 tires, direction assist.

Tank configuration of fresh milk transporter: The tank volume is 10 cubic meters, the tank material is 3mm food-grade stainless steel for the inner tank, the outer layer of the tank is 2mm thick ordinary stainless steel plate, the thermal insulation layer is 100mm thick polyurethane, the tank body is divided into 2 compartments, two One self-flow outlet for unloading, equipped with PIC cleaning device, the cleaning device rotates 360 degrees (the cleaning device includes a water inlet, storage pipeline, cleaning valve, cleaning water nozzle), heat preservation function: 24-hour medium temperature rise and fall ≤ 1 degree.

The performance of the fresh milk transporter: 1. The inner tank of the frame is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel plate. The tank body can be made into 2-3 compartments. The inner tank of the tank needs to be clean and without sharp angles. Each milk tank plus a cip (cleaning device) tank is provided with a washer. Second, there is an insulating layer in the middle of the tank, which has the effect of heat preservation and prevents the deterioration of fresh milk. When the temperature difference is 30 degrees, the temperature change does not exceed 1 degree in 24 hours. The thermal insulation material adopts 80 (mm) thick polyurethane foam material for thermal insulation. 3. The 8-ton fresh milk transporter (the protective layer of the thermal insulation layer) is made of 2mm thick 304L stainless steel plate. The outer skin of stainless steel and the trunk are beautiful in appearance, the whole body is beautiful in appearance, scientific in structure, light in weight and good in strength. Fourth, each single bin has a separate discharge port (self-flow port) and feeding port (tank port).