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China Hummer - Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 Military,the beset military off-road vehicles in China

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Author : Chengli CLW Group
Update time : 2022-05-31 21:32:52
If you ask what is the strongest off-road vehicle in China, then the answer is definitely Dongfeng Mengshi. Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad auto motor van car is a domestic ORV. It is an off-road truck mainly produced by Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for military purposes. Its appearance is similar to the American Hummer, but it is better than Hummer in terms of performance. "China's enhanced Hummer" definitely lives up to its reputation.
In power configuration
Dongfeng Mengshi is equipped with a Dongfeng Cummins four-cylinder supercharged and intercooled diesel engine with a maximum power of 112kW/2700rpm, a maximum torque of 502Nm/1500rpm, a five-speed manual transmission, and a driving range of 750km. The 145-kilowatt V8 electronically controlled supercharged diesel engine imported from the United States and a four-speed hydraulic automatic transmission can also be selected, with an acceleration time of 12 seconds from 0 to 80km/h and a maximum speed of 150km/h. Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad auto motor van car.
Off-road performance
In terms of passing performance, Dongfeng Mengshi has an approach angle of nearly 70°, a departure angle of 45°, a longitudinal passing angle of 31.5°, a min ground clearance of 410mm, and a theoretical grade of 100%. The car adopts a more advanced independent suspension structure, with double wishbone coil spring independent suspension at the front and rear, which can adapt to a larger ground drop, increase the adhesion probability of the tire surface and the undulating road surface, and increase the off-road capability of the car. Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad auto motor van car.
Transmission system
The transmission mechanism of Dongfeng Mengshi adopts a high and low two-speed full-time four-wheel drive system. Each wheel is equipped with a wheel reducer. The purely mechanical torsen differential has a limited-slip function, replacing the traditional differential lock. Ensure a reasonable output of torque. And the unique rubber material solves the technical problems of sealing the bridge edge, wheel edge, universal joint two-way anti-leakage, dust-proof, anti-muddy water under low temperature. Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad auto motor van car.
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 models have two series of long head and short head, 8 main models of single and double row soft and hard top, fast back soft and hard top, van hard top and high hard top. Among them, the tarpaulin and side windows of the single-row soft-top model can be removed. After the front windshield is overturned, light and heavy machine guns can be installed. The soft and hard-top car has a center platform and pedals. The weapon turntable has a missile launch platform in the rear box, forming a light and highly maneuverable wheeled combat system. Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad auto motor van car. 

Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 military offroad auto motor van car

Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 military offroad auto motor van car

Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 military offroad auto motor van car

Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 military offroad auto motor van car
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 military offroad auto motor van car The target model of the general requirements for the development of the army is the current Humvee, and the advantages of the other models above are taken as a starting point. However, the technical performance of Humvee does not meet the operational needs of our army. It is required to:
1) The carrying capacity of the car should be increased by 17%; to meet the improvement of carrying, firepower and protection;
2) In order to meet the load and increase the speed, the power must be increased by 25%;
3) Braking, slope holding, and handling stability should be greatly improved to adapt to the increase in load and power;
4) It is necessary to expand to the short head to increase the modification space and increase the crew;
5) In order to increase the combat radius, the fuel consumption should be reduced by 30%, and the driving range should be increased by 50%;
6) To adapt to harsher climatic conditions, more complex geographical environment, and improve electronic communication capabilities;
7) To be more comfortable; more smooth; to increase the limit road speed;
8) The durability should be greatly improved; in order to improve the service cycle of the vehicle;
This comprehensive technological improvement, the research and development work must be a high starting point of independent innovation.

In addition to the production of military models, Dongfeng Mengshi also produces civilian models.
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 civilian version cargo van or passenser car
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 civilian version communication car
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad ambulance
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad van
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad Peacekeeping Patrol Vehicle for UN
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 civilian verstion pickup
Dongfeng Mengshi 4x4 offroad RV

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